From ‘XO Cher’ To ‘Venice Vibes’, Iconic Singer’s Cherlato Truck Serves Up Star-Studded Flavours

by Mallika Khurana

In the dazzling world of showbiz, where legends are born and dreams take centre stage, there exists a name that needs no introduction—Cher! Renowned for her electrifying performances on both the grandest of stages and the silver screen, Cher has captivated the hearts of millions with her extraordinary talent and timeless charisma. But now, prepare to be enchanted by a new act, an act that blends star power with the irresistible allure of frozen indulgence. Enter the realm of Cherlato, a gelato sensation that’s not just creating headlines; it’s rewriting the script of dessert history.

Cherlato Gelato Truck Dazzles LA Streets


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Cher’s passion for ice cream has been nurtured since her own childhood days. It has blossomed into an enchanting venture that’s leaving a trail of sweetness and wonder in its wake. Fast forward to today, and Cher is captivating the dessert world with her own fleet of gelato trucks. These whimsical vehicles are adorned with captivating images of her iconic visage, sometimes playfully peeking out of oversized ice cream cones, bringing an extra layer of flair to the streets of LA.

Yes, Cherlato’s empire began with a lone gelato truck stationed in the vibrant streets of Los Angeles. However, it has swiftly risen to prominence thanks to its diverse and mouthwatering range of flavours. Picture it: gold-plated cones, an indulgent homage to Cher’s glamorous persona. Yet, it’s the flavours that truly steal the limelight and make Cherlato a culinary spectacle. Flavours like Cher’s Mom’s Cheesecake, XO Cher!, and Coffee & Donuts are truly amazing.

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Cher Adds  A Delicious Twist To Her Legacy


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But let’s not overlook the dietary preferences of vegans among us, for whom Cherlato has conjured up a tropical delight called “Venice Vibes.” As Cherlato continues to take the world by storm, one can’t help but wonder if there’s room for a little more “gelato after love.” Cher has undeniably demonstrated her prowess in conquering the stage, the screen, and now the delectable world of frozen delights. 

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Cherlato continues to make sweet, unforgettable waves in the realm of desserts. It invites us all to believe in the magic of gelato, even after Cher’s legendary performances.

Cover Image Courtesy: Cherlato/Instagram

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