Fuljar Soda Is Kerala’s New Favourite Cooler This Summer

The entire nation has been taken over by a heat wave (except Mumbai), and to get respite from the scorching heat Indians are resolving to whatever methods they can think of. Summer season is big on cold drinks and coolers as people drink a lot of them to keep themselves hydrated and cool. One drink that is taking everyone by storm in Kerala is the Fuljar Soda. This new drink has made a place in the hearts of all Keralites as they have started waiting in long queues in front of Fuljar Soda Stalls to get their hands on a glassful.

What Is It?

The Fuljar Soda is very similar to Kerala’s famous Kulukki Sharbat. The ingredients used to make both the drinks are more or less same. Then what is it that makes Fuljar Soda more popular?

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The unique soda is full of fizz and is trending on social media. It was a favourite amongst the entire Muslim community during the holy month of Ramzan.

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What’s In It?

The Fuljar Soda is prepared using mint leaves, ginger, bird-eye chilli, cuscus, cinnamon, lemon juice, Indian sarsaparilla, honey, salt, and sugar. These ingredients are crushed together and their juice is collected in a shot glass. This shot glass is then dropped in a larger glass filled with fizzy soda.

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The drink acts as the perfect refreshment to keep yourself cool in the scorching heat. It is a combination of both, sweet and salty and offers a burst of flavours with each sip.

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What’s More?

According to the sellers, the drink got attention due to its name. It was called Fuljar which means a full jar because it overflows from the big glass used for drinking this soda. Other than that, the customers were quite taken by the method of drinking the soda as the sellers encouraged them to finish the drink in one sip as soon as the soda was poured.

The best part about the Fuljar Soda is that it provides with instant relief from the heat without burning a whole in your pockets. The streets of Kerala are lined with sellers selling this chilled spicy concoction only for Rs 30 per glass.

Angel Srivastava
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