5 Fun Things You Must Do At Farasan Island In Saudi

by Anupriya Mishra
5 Fun Things You Must Do At Farasan Island In Saudi

When you think of Saudi Arabia, the first picture that probably pops up in your mind is that of sand dunes. However, there are several other facets to the landscape here in this kingdom! And Farasan Islands is one such fantastic getaway that is loved by visitors from around the world. For those who aren’t aware, Farasan Island Marine Sanctuary had been constructed to protect the vast biodiversity here, which comprises 80 islands.

As it happens, the Farasan Islands happens to be the biggest of them all and is inhabited by approximately 12,000 people. However, if you are wondering what can you do here, this list has been compiled just for you. We have made a list of five exciting things to do in the Farasan Islands during your visit.

Things To Do In The Farasan Islands

1. Get A Glimpse Of the Bygone Era Through The Ottoman Fort

Ottoman Castle
Pic credits: Wikimedia Commons

This one is sitting on a hilltop and offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding islands. The 360° angle allows the tourists to capture the stunning scenery that is spread beyond the island. The Ottoman Fort on Farasan Island is also known as the Castle of the Turks and was used as a military base in the 20th century. Located just 50 kilometres from the Red Sea, it is believed that this is one of the oldest surviving structures here.

2. Partake In The Al Qassar Heritage Walk

al qassar
Pic credits: Wikimedia Commons

For those who aren’t aware, Al Qassar is a quaint village that offers the oldest traces of the people living on the island. The houses here are built from materials like mud and coral that not only make them picture-perfect but also give one a glimpse of the bygone era. While it is just five to ten minutes away from Farasan City, when you walk into this site, you instantly feel transported to a different era.

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3. Bask Under The Glorious Saudi Sun On The Beach

Pic credits: Wikimedia Commons

Since we are talking about an island, it’s natural that the beaches here are going to make it to the list of things to do. There are several beaches that offer views for days, making them the perfect spot to witness a mesmerising sunset. So, a lot of visitors opt for secluded beaches for escaping the chaos of city life and to enjoy some much-needed tranquillity.

4. Indulge In Some Mouth-Watering Local Cuisine

Pic credits: Pexels

Any trip is practically incomplete without some good food. So, when you visit this island, you must indulge in the delicious fare offered at all the restaurants on the island. As it happens, seafood is available in abundance here and many people come here to relish the flavourful local dishes. Moreover, there are several seafood restaurants here that will whip up a mouth-watering barbecue to elevate your sensorial journey.

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5. Go Snorkelling In The Ghadeer Bay

Pic credits: Wikimedia Commons

Ghadeer Bay in Farasan Island is known for its rich marine and environmental diversity. Also famous for being the largest bay in the Farasan Islands, there are several striking beaches here. As a result, travellers often come here to camp on the beaches and even for snorkelling or pearl diving activities. If you love to experience the underwater world, while you swim with fish, then Ghadeer Bay is just the right place for you to check out.

So, we have done all the necessary research for you and now all you have to do is check out this beautiful island and we’re sure you will absolutely love it.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons (Images are for representative purposes only)