G20 Summit Train Updates: 310 New Delhi-Bound Trains Cancelled Or Diverted; Passengers In A Fix

by Tooba Shaikh
G20 Summit Train Updates: 310 New Delhi-Bound Trains Cancelled Or Diverted; Passengers In A Fix

The prestigious G20 Summit is almost here and the country is witnessing the arrival of prominent international political personalities. The National Capital, especially, is gearing up in order to safeguard the region against any threat or danger that might arise. Many travel restrictions are being imposed throughout the city. One of the consequences of this measure for the G20 Summit is that close to 310 trains, which were headed to New Delhi, ended up getting cancelled or diverted.

G20 Summit Train: 310 New Delhi Trains Cancelled Or Diverted

Owing to the G20 summit, many trains heading to New Delhi are being diverted or altogether cancelled. According to an article recently published by The Indian Express, a total of 310 trains heading towards New Delhi have been diverted or cancelled on the days of the Summit.

The G20 Summit is taking place on the 9th and 10th of September. Hence, many trains arriving in New Delhi on those dates are either cancelled or diverted. The article mentions that some of the major trains cancelled were Ambala-Delhi Express Special, Amritsar-New Delhi Express, Jalandhar City-New Delhi Express, Kalka-Delhi Express, New Delhi-Jalandhar City Express, and more.

The article also mentions that the tickets of the passengers who wanted to head to Delhi were automatically cancelled. Full refunds will be issued to people whose tickets have been cancelled.

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Passengers Left In A Fix

This sudden cancellation of so many trains at once has left passengers in a fix. Many people who wanted to travel to the national capital, on the dates of the summit are resorting to taking direct taxis, as per the article. This option might be significantly more expensive and one that not many can afford.

A railway official was also cited stating that the timings and dates of the Shatabdis will remain unchanged. It will ply as per usual from Chandigarh and Kalka. The Delhi Railway is not the only mode of transport that has been impacted. Many roads as well as metros, too, have been impacted.

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