Get A Discount On Emirates Without Joining The Skyward Scheme! Check Deets

by Deeplata Garde
Get A Discount On Emirates Without Joining The Skyward Scheme! Check Deets

Every traveller’s dream is to avail huge discounts on their flight tickets. And many airlines have memberships to sign up for that offer a range of discounts. Just like UAE’s biggest airline Emirates’ Skyward Scheme. But what if we tell you that we can help you avail of hefty discounts on Emirates flights without a Skyward membership? Curious? Keep reading!

Discount On Emirates Flights Without Any Membership

You are certainly travelling with Emirates Airline if you are flying into or out of Dubai. This entitles you to a tonne of discounts around the city.

No, we’re not talking about signing up for the Emirates Skywards programme. Although you might as well since it’s free and you can earn miles. But if it doesn’t interest you, we have a simple trick that would be enough. We’re talking about a technique that is hassle-free.

Next time you board your Emirates flight make sure you preserve and maintain your boarding pass. It’s not just a ticket, with the benefits encompassed in it, this can be your golden ticket. A golden ticket that will open doors of a plethora of discounts and offers to await you in Dubai.

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My Emirates Pass

It’s winter and the season calls for a vacation. So if you have your plans aligned and tickets booked, don’t miss out on saving that boarding pass. It is key to taking advantage of special promotions at more than 500 places.

Fly to a sunny location and anticipate beach days, pool days, and outdoor experiences. It’s time to get the most on your trip with this My Emirates Pass. It gives you access to incredible discounts and offers on food, shopping, attractions, luxury spas and more.

The promotional offer can be accessed until March 31, 2023. So make sure you make the most of it by not spending too much but taking a lot of discounts.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/Emirates