Get Paid To Count Penguins At World’s Most Remote Post Office In Antarctica 

by Sanjana Shenoy
Get Paid To Count Penguins At World’s Most Remote Post Office In Antarctica 

On sleepless nights, did you spend time counting sheep? Well, now you wouldn’t have to count sheep to get sleep, but actually, count penguins to earn money. Confused? Well, as bizarre as this sounds, the world’s most remote post office in Antarctica is hiring people to count penguins. Stay in a stunning chilly remote destination and make a living having the most unusual profession in the world-counting penguins.

Antarctica’s Penguin Post Office Seeks Employees To Count Penguins

Port Lockroy or ‘Penguin Post Office’ is a unique British post office nestled in the heart of Antarctica. The world’s most remote post office put out an advertisement seeking to hire people to sell their postage stamps, sort mail and ofcourse count penguins. Home to 3000 penguins, the Penguin Post Office is located 700 miles south of Argentina and Chile.

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Picture Credits: Pinterest/ Explorers

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Socially Distance From The World & Get Onboard An Adventure Of A Lifetime

The official job description read that they’re seeking a strong, determined and inspirational team leader to spend 5 months from November to March, managing a team of 4 to 5 people in the post office. They must also manage a gift shop and a British Antarctic Territory Post Office. But of course, living here wouldn’t be easy. After all, the region has harsh cold weather conditions and low internet connectivity, so communication would be limited. Staff must also share a single bedroom with no flushing toilet. Nevertheless, you get to have an adventure of a lifetime, so are you ready?