Get Ready To Pay Upto Dhs 3,000 For UAE-India As Air India Cancels Flights During Increased Demand!

by Deeplata Garde
Get Ready To Pay Upto Dhs 3,000 For UAE-India As Air India Cancels Flights During Increased Demand!

We all know how the demand for flights increases as the summer season approaches. Summer comes with kids’ vacation so we are bent to plan a holiday. Many expats return to India during this time to spend time with their families. Guess what happens if an eminent carrier cancels its flight during this time? The price surges to an unprecedented level! P.s. Pressing the panic button aggressively. Well, let’s understand the other carriers that might help us out in this crisis regarding the cancellation of UAE-India flights.

Air India Cancel Flights On UAE-India Route

Pic credits: Wikimedia Commons

Get ready to witness an immeasurable increase in demand for flights and also airfares. This Indian airline is the affordable saviour for many expats who travel to their homes and back. Sadly, the airline has announced the cancellation of summertime flights on the specified routes.

To add fuel to fire, the airlines have announced smaller flights for their other destinations. Travelling this summer is going to be pricey and we say you be ready to buy tickets that might be worth up to Dhs3,000. Expensive but what choices do we have?

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Who Is Responsible For This Price Hike?

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Flights to various locations from the UAE, including Kozhikode, Indore, and Goa, have begun to be cancelled and realigned as of March 25. According to Khaleej Times, the following operations have been carried out by Tata Group, the owner of Air India and Air India Express. After receiving a $2.17 billion bid to purchase Air India, Tata Group chose to realign routes that would be profitable for the new owner. This decision was made in January 2022. To modernise its fleet and target long-haul routes, Air India declared last month that it would spend $70 billion to purchase 220 Boeing planes and 250 Airbus planes. The UAE-India route is suffering greatly despite the new fleet buying.

Many travel agents have been also undergoing loss due to this reduced availability of flights during the demand period. They have urged the government to increase flights during the massive outbound traffic growth. It is the need of the hour as stated by many agents and travellers who usually travel on this route.

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