Get Ready To Sip Delish Tea-Cocktails; Singapore is Now Home To The World-Famous Mixology Salon

Mixology Salon
by Shreya Ghosh

If you are passionate about cocktails and love to try new and unique concoctions all the time, you surely have tasted different tea cocktails. Well, if you drink booze and have not tried delish cocktails infused with tea yet, you surely need to sip on some ASAP! When we talk about such unique drinks, we cannot end the conversation without thinking about the world-renowned Mixology Salon in Japan. This is the ultimate place to relish the best teatails and now folks of Singapore can enjoy the deliciousness as well.

Mixology Salon Is Now In Singapore!


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Mixology Salon is one of the most famous and unique bars in Japan. Nestled in Tokyo’s Ginza, this place has a massive fanbase among cocktail aficionados as it is famous for serving the most delectable tea-infused cocktails. The grand news is that this salon bar has made a grand entrance to Singapore. The entire world knows about this award-winning bar for its special cocktail spread and for adding its name to the list of Asia’s 50 Best Bars in 2018 and 2019.

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The menu of this salon bar is quite special with loads of new things to try for the first time. Cocktails infused with tea taste just out of the world and feel refreshing as well. Not just cocktails, you will also get spirits infused with tea at the Mixology Salon. Now you can enjoy the best tea-cocktail experiences of Japan in Singapore. Mixology Salon launches its new outlet in the Robertson Quay.

This Salon Bar Gives You A Glance To An All-New World Of Havenly Tea Experiences!


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From Iribancha to Rose to Gyokuro, Uva, Oolong, and a lot more, the cocktails here are infused with the fragrant flavours and goodness of best-quality tea from different places. So wait no more, and plan a splendid day at this salon bar.

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Residents of Singapore do not need to fly to Tokyo now to sip on the marvellous spread of tea cocktails of Mixology Salon. But for others, we need to fly either to Tokyo or Singapore to experience these tea-infused indulgences. If you have plans to travel to these Asian destinations anytime soon, you now know the ultimate salon bar to explore. Make sure to add this place to your Japan and Singapore itineraries now.

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