Getting Home From Events Will Get Much Easier In Dubai

by Dhruv Maniar

Under 140 Characters 

The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) is coming up with The Smart Time Management System which will soon be rolled out at major events to ensure smooth, fast and hassle-free travel experience. 

What Is It?

The long queues for taxi’s after an event or concert are going to cut down drastically. Thanks to the RTA who recently launched The Smart Time Management System which will monitor the rush and queues coming out from an event and will respond to the same in real time. To have a smooth flow of people flowing out of each event, camera and remote computers will be used to help identify how many taxis are available in that area to direct the flow. The RTA hopes the new system will move Dubai towards becoming the smartest city in the world.  The system has already been tested at two events in Dubai Mall and DWTC which has seen a drop in waiting time. 

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Credits: RTA

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