Ghostly Silver Shadow: Khandala Has An Abandoned Rolls Royce & It’s Said To Be Haunted

by Shreya Rathod
Ghostly Silver Shadow: Khandala Has An Abandoned Rolls Royce & It’s Said To Be Haunted

The jewel of the Sahyadri Mountains, Khandala is one of Maharashtra’s most significant hill stations. Like Lonavala, The place is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and serves as a well-liked escape from the bustle of Mumbai and Pune. Travellers are drawn to this charming hill station by its lovely green surroundings. However, there is a paranormal side to this beautiful place as an abandoned Rolls Royce Silver Shadow which is said to be haunted resides here!

Story Of The Haunted Rolls Royce Of Khandala


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The serene hills of Khandala are home to a haunted Rolls Royce car. According to the story, the property was owned by a rich Mumbai-based Christian family. The family included a husband, wife, and daughter, Ayesha, who was 17 years old. They owned a Rolls Royce car as part of their opulent lifestyle. Ayesha Villa was attacked violently one terrible night. She endured terrible agony after seeing her parents killed.

Since then, rumours of a mysterious young woman wandering the grounds at twilight and strange sounds coming from the abandoned house have surfaced. Rumour has it that anybody who dares to enter Ayesha Villa at night never comes out again. The Rolls Royce automobile is still there in the garage, serving as a reminder of its eerie past.

According to the people who live there, the villa was left empty following the murder. The stories are most likely untrue. They added that even if the property is in a fantastic location, there is a desire on the part of someone to stop the sale.

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Because they were afraid of ghosts, they even continued to throw stones at the car, shattering the windscreen. This vehicle appeared in the 2004 Bollywood film Lakeer. The vehicle is situated on the Old Mumbai Pune highway in Khandala, right near the New Taj hotel.

Other Haunted Places In India

haunted places
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1. Bhangarh Fort

The Rajasthani state’s Bhangarh Fort is among the most well-known haunted places in India. Many people have heard terrifying stories about the Bhangarh Fort from somewhere. In Bhangarh, everything has an unsettling aura. After dusk, visitors are advised by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to avoid the fort’s remains. This proves how genuinely strangely haunted the Bhangarh Fort is.

2. Dow Hills

The Dow Hills, which are perched above Kurseong Town, are the subject of numerous unsettling legends. You never would have thought that certain terrifying rumours that have been going around for a while would come from the otherwise stunning hill station. Here, paranormal activity never stops, day or night. Additionally, the “death road,” which runs between Dow Hill Road and the forest office, is advised to be avoided by visitors.

3. Malcha Mahal

Without a doubt, Malcha Mahal is one of the most enigmatic and haunted locations in India. Malcha Mahal, sometimes referred to as Wilayat Mahal, is a Tughlaq-era hunting lodge near Chanakyapuri, Delhi. Begum Wilayat Mahal swallowed crushed diamonds to end her life at the age of 62. Visitors to the location say that every time they go, they get a surge of vitality.

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