‘Give ₹2000 Note & Take Meat Worth ₹2100’ Delhi Meat Shop Has A Genius Offer Desis Can’t Refuse

Delhi Meat Shop
by Sanjana Shenoy

With the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently announcing the withdrawal of ₹2000 notes from circulation, desis are in a fix. While some are urgently purchasing gold, others are paying for their food deliveries with ₹2000 notes. Delhiites can breathe a sigh of relief, a meat shop in Delhi recently came up with a genius marketing strategy which is a win-win situation for the meat shop and Delhiites alike. Check it out.

Delhi Meat Shop Has A Genius Offer To Exchange ₹2000 Notes

A recent tweet by Sumit Agarwal (@sumitagarwal_IN) informs Delhiites about a great offer by a meat shop in the city. In the photo, you can see a board outside Sardar, a pure meat shop in GTB Nagar. The board has purple-hued ₹2000 notes stuck on it. The caption on the board informs people that can get ₹2100 worth of meat in exchange for a ₹2000 note. The board first has this information in both Hindi and English.

This tweet is no time went viral on social media, garnering 175.3k views, 270 retweets and 1.6k likes. Sumit Agarwal called this an innovative way to increase one’s sales. He cheekily tweets that if RBI thinks it’s smart, then they should think again because Delhiites are smarter. Meat-eaters in Delhi can let out a sigh of relief as they not only have a way to exchange their ₹2000 notes but also get more meat for the same.

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Delhiites Are Impressed By This Move

Twitteratis were overjoyed by this innovative offer. Many took to the microblogging site to praise Sardar meat shop in Delhi. One person commented that India has such bright and capable people. Another lauded the meat shop’s business sense after all they seized the opportunity. @bheema_t replied that Bengalureans are even smarter as they order food online, select cash on delivery and then pay with ₹2000 notes. Yet another wondered if this person is from Noida Sector 46? Hmmmm!

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Meanwhile, are you facing issues exchanging your ₹2000 notes before it goes out of circulation? How are you going about this ordeal? Delhiites, you have a meaty way to go about it now!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva and @sumitagarwal_IN/ Twitter

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