Global Hunger Index 2022: India Ranks 107, Officials Say It’s A Consistent Effort To Taint India’s Image

by Shreya Ghosh
Global Hunger Index 2022: India Ranks 107, Officials Say It’s A Consistent Effort To Taint India’s Image

India ranked 107th in the Global Hunger Index 2022 out of 121 nations globally with a child-wasting rate of 19.3%. Also, the hunger level in India falls into the ‘serious’ category with a score of 29.1. According to the Index, India dropped 6 places from the previous year. Shockingly, India is behind all the neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and crisis-hit Sri Lanka. Among all the Asian Countries, only war-torn Afghanistan is behind India on the Global Hunger Index 2022.

India’s Rank At The Global Hunger Index 2022 Turns Out To Be Very Upsetting!

Global Hunger Index 2022
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This Index report, released on Saturday received a rejection from the Indian government. The Central government commented on this in a statement, sometime after the release. They said how the index ‘suffers from serious methodological issues’ and ‘misinformation seems to be the hallmark of the annually released Global Hunger Index’. The statement also read that it ‘is an erroneous measure of hunger’. This is a ‘consistent effort’ to ‘taint India’s image as a nation that does not fulfill the food security and nutritional requirements of its population’ it further added, as reported by India Today.

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The Central government further spoke about three out of the four indicators used in calculating the Global Hunger Index 2022 ‘are related to the health of children’. Hence, only this cannot represent the entire population of India with various age groups.

The Poll Sample Size Is Extremely Small!

Among the 4 indicators to estimate the Global Hunger Index 2022 rankings, the fourth one is the most crucial. This indicator is actually a result of an opinion poll. The estimation of the Proportion of Undernourished (PoU) population follows a poll of just about 3,000 people. The government pointed out the indicator and said, ‘The report is not only disconnected from ground reality, but also chooses to deliberately ignore efforts made by the government to ensure food security for the population, especially during the COVID Pandemic’, as reported by India Today.

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The statement also stated how it is not scientific to estimate and calculate a report on ‘hunger’ depending on children’s health indicators.

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