Go Back In ‘Time’ At 4.1-Acre HMT Heritage Centre & Museum In Bangalore & Learn Horological History

by Tejashee Kashyap
Go Back In ‘Time’ At 4.1-Acre HMT Heritage Centre & Museum In Bangalore & Learn Horological History

We have reached a stage in the world where timekeeping has become a matter of swipes and clicks on digital devices. Watches once used to be a sanctuary of memories and a shrine to craftsmanship. And in India, in the 1960s and 1970s, winding an HMT watch was a necessary part of everyday life. Over the years, HMT grew from a modest watch manufacturing unit to a sprawling conglomerate. And now, stands an HMT Heritage Centre and Museum in Jalahalli, Bengaluru.

A Walk Through History: HMT Heritage Centre and Museum


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The HMT Heritage Centre and Museum welcomed visitors in 2019 to preserve the history of watches. The small, exquisitely organised museum is housed in the former residence of the business’s chairman. Situated on a lush, 4.14-acre green property in Jalahalli, it provides a nostalgic look into the operations of India’s oldest watch firm.

Established in 1953, HMT was a pioneering effort by the Indian government to reduce its dependency on imported watches and bolster the country’s self-sufficiency in timekeeping technology. Over the years, HMT grew with a wide range of products, from machine tools to tractors. However, it was the wristwatches that captured the imagination of the nation and became synonymous with HMT.

Walking through the museum is like stepping back in time. The meticulously curated exhibits take visitors on a chronological journey, tracing the milestones in HMT’s history.

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Own A Piece Of History


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The space is loaded with artefacts from the past, tracing every aspect of the business since its inception. The museum is a celebration of this 70-year history. It features early recognition the firm got as well as countless images, tools, and models of HMT’s several factories, equipment, watch components and even tractors.

As visitors step into the museum, they are greeted with a mesmerising array of timepieces. From the iconic HMT Pilot to the elegant HMT Sona, these watches reflect not just the changing times but also the changing tastes of the Indian consumer. The museum houses a remarkable collection of vintage watchmaking tools and equipment.

The museum preserves the memory of HMT and offers visitors the chance to save money by purchasing items from the leftover stock.  The space houses a souvenir shop as well.

The HMT museum is where history comes alive, where visitors can touch and feel the past. So, when are you visiting?

Where: HMT Colony, HMT Estate, Jalahalli, Bengaluru
When: 10 am–5:30 pm
Cost: Entry fees ₹30/adult

Cover image credits: Facebook/HMT Heritage Centre and Museum