Taking Konkan Railway Route Is Probably The Best Way To Welcome The Monsoons

by Mrigank Warrier
Taking Konkan Railway Route Is Probably The Best Way To Welcome The Monsoons

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Greet rains by taking this train journey from Mumbai to Mangaluru. This Konkan railway route crosses vast rivers, long bridges, green mountains & dark tunnels.


What Is It?

Wake up brightly and early to catch a morning gaadi like the Jan Shatabdi or the Sawantwadi Passenger. You can also choose to take the fully air-conditioned, WiFi-enabled Tejas Express but the essence of this journey is to feel the blast of wind-whipped rain in your face.  Who needs an AC when Mother Nature is your cooling system?

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The Route

Mumbai to Chiplun, Ratnagiri, Kankavli or as far as you’d like to go. If you ‘happen’ to end up in Goa, it’s worked out for the best, hasn’t it? You can always get off midway and take the first train back. This Konkan route offers lush green vistas along India’s west coast.

Fun Fact

An unlimited supply of vada pao with fiery red chutney to stave off the chills. Chai, whenever you want some.

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What To Expect?

Stand at the door of your compartment and scream into the void of a never-ending line of tunnels. When the train emerges suddenly onto a long bridge, feel your heart pound as the wheels thunder over a wide, roaring river. Lean your head against your window and watch the engine curve sinuously between verdant hills. Feel the spray of hundreds of large and small waterfalls that exist only during the monsoons. Smell the gunpowder-y fragrance of engine smoke. Network is intermittent; forget your phone and play antakshari, or sing to yourself. No one cares.

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Look Out For

This is a single-track route. Rains often delay trains, sometimes by hours. But that’s the point, isn’t it? To stop in the middle of nowhere to give way to snobbish Rajdhanis and stare into an untouched forest. Alight at a wayside station such as Indapur or Aravali Road, walk along the low, empty platform and make small talk with the guard. To nap in the middle of the day, rocked to sleep by the gentle swaying of the train.


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Cost to Ratnagiri ranges from Rs. 260 in the Mandovi Express to a princely 85 bucks in the Sawantwadi Passenger.

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