Go Zorbing And Paragliding In Kashmir’s Hidden Gem Kishtwar

by Sanmita A
Go Zorbing And Paragliding In Kashmir’s Hidden Gem Kishtwar

India is a land that surprises us with its incredible beauty and hidden gems of places. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, there are still a lot of many areas and places which remain unexplored. However, local authorities and people ensure that these places get suitable attention and can entice tourists from different parts of the country and worldwide.


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Discovering Kashmir’s Kishtwar

To promote tourism, the authorities in Kashmir’s Kishtwar have launched sports and adventures in the area. Activities like Zorbing Ball, Paragliding, sky jumping, trampoline, and sky jumping can be enjoyed by the tourists in the area. Zorbing Ball has been introduced. However, other activities are yet to begin in the area. Higher authorities appreciated the efforts saying that Kishtwar and other similar regions have great potential for attracting more tourists.

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The Hidden Gem In Kashmir

Kishtwar still remains unexplored and is located approximately 200kms from Jammu. Although the place has no tourist attraction, it is still known for its wide saffron production. Apart from that, Kishtwar is as gorgeous as every other place in Kashmir with the most stunning range of snow-clad mountains, flowing rivers, greenery and beautiful valleys. Other parts of Kishtwar like Paddhar and Waddhan Valleys are also known among tourists for adventures like paragliding and rock climbing.

Also, Kishtwar is known for having its saffron and if you visit the place between October and November, you can witness the saffron bloom and how it beautifies the valley.

Besides those, the popular paragliding spots in Jammu and Kashmir which draw in a lot of tourists every other year, include Srinagar, Pahalgam, Ashtang Marg, Sonamarg and Gulmarg among many others.

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