Goa On Your Mind? Spend A Night In Chapora’s Buzzing Hotspots For Your Dose Of Fun & Adventure

by Tejashee Kashyap
Goa On Your Mind? Spend A Night In Chapora’s Buzzing Hotspots For Your Dose Of Fun & Adventure

No other state can put you in a trance like Goa. And if you’ve been to this beautiful state before, you’ll know that time flies by and always leaves you wanting more. As the sun sets in Goa and people start moving for a night of fun and drinks, take your bike towards the village of Chapora. Among the myriad charms, the street of Chapora is a pulsating artery that breathes life for the locals and those in the know. The street is adorned with vibrant markets, eclectic street art, and charming cafés. You’re blessed to witness a contemporary twist to the area’s historical charm.

Take In The Vibrant Tapestry Of Life In Chapora


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It’s not always late nights and French fries for breakfast in Goa. So, if you’re tired of hearing all the clichés Goa seems to generate, take my free counsel to the secrets of Goa that will always have your heart. In my yearly pilgrimage to the state, I discovered the bewitching charm of Chapora Road. The level of activity in Chapora picks up at night, say 8 pm.

I am told by the veterans of North Goa that apart from restaurants, bars, and businesses getting new looks, not much has changed in years. Life on the main street resumes after dusk, just as it did in the past. Most bars and restaurants are closed from morning till evening. Except for Scarlet Juice Centre and another shop next door, as the street is open all night. Starting at the Scarlet Juice Centre, the main street is lined with tiny bars and eateries that were once grungy. But, they are now mostly Westernised and run by Indians.


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Chapora Main Street has undergone and continues to see a sea shift, according to the locals. The vehicular noise on the street has stayed steady or increased in loudness, but the crowds have shifted. You could find Italians, Spaniards, Germans, and English, but it is now a hangout for Indian tourists, a few Russians, and some old tourists who have been coming to Goa for twenty years or more. Goa is home to people from all over the world. I was surprised to learn that they have been coming back to this paradise for at least 25–30 years and that the allure hasn’t faded at all.

Goa is the same; all we have to do is explore. Continue exploring, strike up more discussions, and make friends with locals. They are the ones who will help you discover spots of the state that leave you awestruck. The bustling markets along Chapora Main Road became my favourite spot for people-watching. There’s a melting pot of languages, accents, and fashion choices. It opens a snapshot of the global community that gravitates towards Goa’s magnetic charm.

Hotspots To Visit In Chapora


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Chapora’s main road is a theatrical stage where everyday life plays out in a captivating spectacle. Before you go on your bar-hopping and food-searching adventure, find a comfortable spot. I suggest finding a strategically placed bench along the street or a quaint café. And the street becomes a buzzing place; become a silent spectator to a kaleidoscope of human interactions. The street, animated by the ebb and flow of locals and tourists, vendors and artists, unveils a fascinating narrative.

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Sit with your friends over beers and lime sodas. Engage in talks while witnessing a different zest of life here, making it one of the liveliest spots in this region. So, if you are sold on the idea of exploring Chapora and getting charmed by this happening village, here’s how to relish this part of North Goa–raw and real.

1. Darlings Bar


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Make your way through local and tourist favourite watering hole, Darlings Bar. The place exudes an inviting aura from the moment you step through its unassuming entrance. The laid-back charm of the exterior gives way to a cosy interior adorned with eclectic decor that mirrors the bohemian spirit of Goa. The industrial-style pub has two dining areas: in the backyard, where a serious game of pool is always available, or at the well-lit entrance, where you can take in the view of Chapora’s busy street. But, make sure you order their pizzas (gluten-free options are also available).

Where: Chapora Main St, Dabhol Wada, Vagator, Chapora
When: 7 pm–3 am

2. Mahalaxmi Bar

Mahalaxmi Bar is a local gem. Far from the glitz of more commercial establishments, it exudes an authentic charm that captures the essence of Goa. What sets Mahalaxmi Bar apart is its strong sense of community. Regular patrons often find themselves becoming part of an extended family. While newcomers are welcomed with the warmth characteristic of Goan hospitality. The laid-back atmosphere encourages patrons to linger. It’s mostly a space where time seems to slow down, allowing for genuine connections to flourish.

Where: Chapora Main St, Dabhol Wada, Vagator, Chapora
When: 7 pm– 1 am

3. Aram Bar


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Aram Bar stands out as a tranquil oasis, inviting patrons to indulge in the unhurried pleasures of Goa. The bar greets visitors with an unassuming exterior that belies the tranquillity within. While you’re there, don’t forget to ask for kokum urrak. There’s no better setting for enjoying a freshly brewed pot of Urrak than a modest village bar, where you may enjoy a plate of chorizo pao and ordinary chat.

Where: Shop No 296/4, opp. Mata Medical Store, Dabalvaddo, Chapora
When: 7 pm– 1 am

4. XLR8


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Shop till you drop here! XLR8 is a boutique with options where style choices tell tales of individuality, cultural influences, and a collective embrace of the carefree Goan spirit. From bohemian chic to laid-back beach attire, warm-hearted Ryet’s label XLR8 has options to let you wear your story on your sleeves. This cosy store is that one hotspot where you’ll find people having endless chitchat. Also, if you are into collecting original psytrance CDs, Ryet is your go-to person!

Where: Dabhol Wada, Chapora
When: 2–5 pm, 8:30 pm–1 am

5. Scarlet Juice Centre

Chapora’s soul is preserved in Scarlet Juice Centre. In addition to serving freshly squeezed and hygienically prepared fruit salads, Scarlet Juice Centre served as the hub of Chapora Main Street in the 1980s and served as the place to learn about all the events and parties that were going on at the time.

Where: Chapora, Goa
When: 10 am–12 am

6. Habibi


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At the heart of Habibi Chapora is its culinary prowess. The menu showcases a delightful array of Middle Eastern delicacies, from traditional mezzes to flavorful kebabs and aromatic tagines. The skilled chef draws inspiration from the rich culinary traditions of the Middle East, presenting a menu that is both authentic and innovative. Each dish is a celebration of spices, textures, and centuries-old recipes.

Where: Chapora Main St, Dabhol Wada, Vagator, Chapora Goa
When: 7 pm–2:30 am

Chapora is more than just a location. It has become a living, breathing novel, and any traveller can be its humble reader, soaking in the pleasures of observing the world go by. So the next time you’re in Goa, don’t forget to spend a night in this vibrant street of Chapora.

Cover image credits: Tejashee Kashyap

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