Gordon Ramsay Is Coming To India! Experience His Magic With Street Pizza, Street Burger, & More at Major Airports

These restaurants will set a new standard for gourmet travel dining in India.

by Mallika Khurana
Gordon Ramsay Is Coming To India! Experience His Magic With Street Pizza, Street Burger, & More at Major Airports

Gordon Ramsay, the culinary maestro renowned for his uncompromising standards and innovative flair, is set to revolutionise the dining experience in Indian airports like never before. With a stellar lineup of restaurants slated to debut across major terminals, Ramsay’s entry into India marks a monumental moment for foodies nationwide.

Gordon Ramsay Restaurants At Airports In India

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For those unfamiliar, Gordon Ramsay isn’t just a chef. He’s also a global icon whose restaurants and television shows have earned him a fervent following worldwide. From his fiery passion in the kitchen to his impeccable palate, Ramsay has crafted an empire synonymous with culinary excellence. Now, Indians can finally savour his acclaimed creations right at their fingertips, thanks to a groundbreaking partnership between Gordon Ramsay Restaurants and Travel Food Services (TFS).

Imagine strolling through an Indian airport terminal and encountering the irresistible aroma of Gordon Ramsay’s Street Pizza, inspired by the bustling street food scenes of London. Each slice promises artisanal perfection, blending bold flavours and premium ingredients into every bite.

Or perhaps you crave a burger experience like no other. Enter Street Burger, where Ramsay’s team elevates the humble burger into a gourmet masterpiece. It certainly boasts flavours that ignite the senses and redefine fast-casual dining.

And for travellers seeking a sophisticated pre-departure dining experience, Gordon Ramsay Plane Food beckons with its all-day menu of succulent dishes crafted to perfection. Whether it’s a leisurely meal before takeoff or a quick grab-and-go option with Plane Food To-Go, Ramsay ensures that every tastebud is treated to a symphony of flavours that reflect his culinary prowess.

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Get Ready For Gourmet Airport Dining

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This partnership isn’t just about bringing Ramsay’s renowned dishes to Indian soil. It’s also a promise to elevate airport dining into an unforgettable gastronomic adventure. With TFS’s extensive reach across 19 cities and over 380 eateries, the collaboration ensures that Ramsay’s signature excellence reaches travellers nationwide. It will certainly transform terminal dining into a destination in itself.

Varun Kapur, Executive Director of TFS, captures the excitement best: “This isn’t just a launch; it’s a culinary revolution! With Gordon Ramsay on board, we’re taking Indian airport dining to unprecedented heights, offering travellers an unparalleled fusion of flavour and finesse.”

Andy Wenlock, CEO of Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, also echoes this sentiment: “India’s rich culinary heritage and warm hospitality provide the perfect canvas for our brands. Teaming up with Travel Food Services, we’re thrilled to bring Ramsay’s culinary journey to Indian airports, setting the stage for a new era of dining excellence.”

As Ramsay’s restaurants prepare to open their doors across Indian terminals starting in late 2024, anticipation mounts among food enthusiasts and travellers alike. This partnership promises not just meals, but experiences that exceed expectations. It will certainly ensure every visit to a Ramsay eatery becomes a highlight of the journey.

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