Gorge On Baked Rasgullas At This Eatery In Delhi

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Gorge On Baked Rasgullas At This Eatery In Delhi

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Get a slice of Bengal in Delhi by indulging in baked rasgullas at Kamala Sweets in Delhi’s CR Park.

What Is It?

If there’s any place to get a slice of Bengal in Delhi, it is in CR Park. Opened in 1984, Kamala Sweets is one such shop that is serving delectable cuisine’s, authentic Bengali sweets like Baked Rasgulla and more.

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What’s In It?

One of the popular outlets in CR Park, it is known for its authentic Bengali sweets that serves a wide range of assortments of Sandesh flavours and sumptuous Rasgullas.

Satiate your sweet cravings and try the Baked Rasgullas that come in a plate of six pieces. These rare rasgullas are baked and are sugary with lots of syrup, a treat to the eyes and tummy!

Apart from rasgullas, try the varieties of Sandesh flavours like Mango Sandesh, Pineapple, litchi and Kamla Koa.


Address: Kamala Sweets, K/1-101, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi
Phone011 26275476, 011 41602577
Cost for two: ₹250