Gorge On This Bahubali Puchka – The King Of All Puchkas In Kolkata

by Yashasvi Shaktawat

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Gobble up this giant puchka in Salt Lake City, Kolkata for an explosion of flavours that will leave you wanting for more.

What Is It?

We’re all aware of the undying love for puchkas that the beloved citizens of Kolkata have. Here’s a hidden local gem selling the much loved Indian snack on the streets of Salt Lake City in Kolkata. A hawker located right opposite Millenium city DN 57 is selling the king of all puchkas – a Giant Bahubali Puchka.

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What’s In It?

The Bahubali puchka is basically the Puchka Burger wherein a giant puchka comes stuffed with 7 tiny golgappas to make you drool.

One piece of this giant puchka is priced at ₹30.

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Address: Salt Lake Sector 2, Opp to millenium city DN 57, Block DN, Plot 57, Kolkata
Cost: ₹30


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