Grapes Pizza? Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver’s Take On Pizza Is An Unusual One

by Sanjana Shenoy
Grapes Pizza? Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver’s Take On Pizza Is An Unusual One

For a long, pizzas have been a canvas for food enthusiasts and chefs to make more amazing dishes that often excite or cringe people. Paneer Tikka, Banana-Nutella, Maggi pizzas, and the list goes on and on. In a long list of latest additions, UK celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has invented a Grape Pizza. Confused? Read on to find out more.

Are You Up For The Grapes Pizza?

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has been on the news for his new dish- Grape Pizza. He demonstrated the recipe on a video he shared on Twitter and his cooking show ‘Keep Cooking Family Favourites.’ In the video, he talks about making a ‘Speedy Sausage Pizza.’ Here, he adds grapes as a topping. In the video, the famous chef prepares the dough and then puts it aside to rest. Then he takes a pan and tosses sausages, and fries them until they have a lovely golden hue. Next, he sautees rosemary leaves and onion slices in oil with a pinch of salt and pepper.

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Sausages, Tomato, Cheese & Grapes Is What Goes In It

When the dough is ready, Jamie adds tomato paste with the sausages on top. And the last garnish is the grapes. He then tops it with loads of cheese and cooks it in the oven. Jamie’s post has netizens divided, but his post did get viral. He had earlier also conducted a poll on Twitter to see people’s reactions, and apparently, people were divided. Just like how pizza lovers are still divided about pineapple on pizza. 

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Pizza lovers, if you want to be adventurous, then here are 5 funky pizzas you must try in Mumbai. While, we can’t promise you a Jamie Oliver ‘Grapes on Pizza’, how about vodka on pizza?