Guinness World Record: This Is The World’s Largest Charcuterie Board That Weighs Almost 349 kg

by Shreya Ghosh
Guinness World Record: This Is The World’s Largest Charcuterie Board That Weighs Almost 349 kg

If you love watching cooking videos and content on food niche, you must have come across videos of charcuterie boards. In many Western countries, the concept of spreading many delish food items on a board and serving them aesthetically has become widely popular. A world record of serving appetiser so beautifully is grabbing all our attention and here’s all you need to know about the achievement.

Take A Look At The World’s Largest Charcuterie Board!

Taking to Instagram, ‘The Palm Beaches (@palmbeachesfl)’ shared a video of the record-holders showing their excellence and having a grand celebration at the wonderful venue.


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A post shared by The Palm Beaches (@palmbeachesfl)

A Florida-based charcuterie delivery brand named Boarderie holds the record for the largest charcuterie board ever made. The brand achieved the magnificent feat by curating a humongous board of gourmet appetisers measuring 20 feet by 14 feet. Are you wondering what is the weight of the largest charcuterie board ever made? Well, it weighs 769 lbs and 13 oz, which is about 349 kg. Wowwww!! Now that’s a massive spread of appetisier to prepare and win a Guinness World Record.

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From all the snippets and sneak peeks shared in the video, we can clearly understand how incredible the culinary masterpiece looked. Spread all across the ballroom of the ‘The Colony Hotel’, this event took all the guests on a gastronomic ride to witness the symphony of flavours and loads of delectable food items added to the charcuterie board.

What All Were Added To The Board?

Charcuterie Board
Picture credit- Instagram/ The Palm Beaches (@palmbeachesfl)

Creating something like this surely burns a huge hole in the pocket. Gladly, different sponsors came ahead and made some contributions for the record. Columbus Craft Meats contributed over about 136 kg of premium cured meats, according to a report by NDTV. With gourmet cured meat, the board also included artisanal cheeses and a lot of premium-quality ingredients.

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Each and every ingredient added to the record-breaking largest charcuterie board looked absolutely incredible and appetising. Looking at all the yummy food items on the table, we are kind of hungry and eager to eat from a charcuterie board.

Have you ever enjoyed a charcuterie board before?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ The Palm Beaches (@palmbeachesfl)

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