Guinness World Record: World’s Largest Doughnut Cake Is As Big As 1,500 Regular Doughnuts

by Shreya Ghosh
Guinness World Record: World’s Largest Doughnut Cake Is As Big As 1,500 Regular Doughnuts

In between all the buzz and trend of biscoff cheesecake and cinnamon rolls, humble desserts that are on most people’s favourite list are doughnuts and caes. Be it glazed doughnuts or chocolate cakes, these treats are certainly favourite of most foodies. Recently, the largest doughnut entered the list of Guinness World Records and we are so excited to share all the details with you.

World’s Largest Doughnut Cake Is Humongous In Size & Massive In Weight!

Taking to the official Instagram page, Guinness World Records (@guinnessworldrecords) shared the behind-the-scenes of preparing the largest doughnut cake. The process surely looks quite interesting and super fun. Making something as huge as this is not an easy task and the record achievers did it effortlessly.

Chef Nick DiGiovanni and Lynn Davis are the brilliant masterminds behind creating this masterpiece. They prepared a doughnut cake measuring 225 pounds (approx 102.5 kg). An important point to note here is that the creation is the largest in the world in comparison to its weight. Nick and Lynn made the famous pink frosted Homer Simpson-style doughnut to enlist their names in the record book.

In conversation with Guinness, Nick shared how they took the decision to make the pink frosted Homer Simpson-style doughnut after lots of deliberation and a bit of arguing. They stumbled upon the idea of doughnut cake while doing the research online.

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How Did They Create This Amazing Dessert?

Largest Doughnut
Picture credit- : Instagram/ Guinness World Records (@guinnessworldrecords)

Baking the doughnut cake, using the frosting, and then decorating it wasn’t a simple process. It took the duo about 8 hours, immense hard work, and intense pressure to make this dessert. They used some oil, sugar, brown sugar, eggs, five pounds of sour cream, homemade vanilla extract, cocoa powder, and cocoa extract as the primary ingredients. To decorate the sweet treat, they layered the sheet cakes with buttercream frosting. Lastly, they added fondant and sprinkles to get the real touches of a basic pink frosted Homer Simpson-style doughnut.

If you are wondering what is the size of this dessert, well it is equivalent to about 1,500 basic doughnuts.

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What do you think about this amazing world record?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Guinness World Records (@guinnessworldrecords)