Gujarat Couple Fall Into Sea In Diu After Parasailing Rope Breaks Mid Air; They Were Saved By Lifeguards

by Sanjana Shenoy
Gujarat Couple Fall Into Sea In Diu After Parasailing Rope Breaks Mid Air; They Were Saved By Lifeguards

In a horrifying accident, a couple fell off into the sea after their parasailing rope broke mid-air in Diu. The incident was captured in a video that has been widely circulated on social media. 30-year-old Ajit Kathad and his wife, 31-year-old Sarla Kathad went parasailing at Nagoa beach in Diu. That’s when the rope of their parachute broke up and send them to the sea. Read on to know more.

Parasailing Rope Snaps Mid Air; Throws Couple Into Sea In Diu

The couple from Gujarat went to Diu for a holiday. They wore life jackets before going parasailing. Ajit Kathad’s elder brother Rakesh revealed to Times of India that he pointed out to the operators that the parachute rope looked worn out. But the operators assured him that nothing will happen as the damaged rope won’t even make it to air. Unfortunately, when the couple went parasailing, the rope connecting their parachute to the powerboat snapped. And the couple fell into the deep waters. A video shows the heart-stopping incident.

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Parasailing Operator Blame Heavy Winds For Accident

Ajit Kathad and Sarla Kathad were rescued by the lifeguards of Palms Adventure and Motorsports. Fortunately, they survived the fall as they wore life jackets. Ajit Kathad and his family accused the parasailing company of their negligence. He said to The Indian Express, that his wife was in a state of shock and couldn’t speak for a few minutes after the horrifying incident. The owner of Palms Adventure and Motorsports blamed the accident on heavy winds. He said it’s the first time this incident has happened in three years amid heavy winds. Ajit Kathad said he went to the police station to lodge a complaint and later returned back as his family was still in a state of shock. Meanwhile, here’s the video of the parasailing incident that shocked the internet.