Gujarat Is All Set To Get Its First Tiger Safari Park In Dang

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Gujarat Is All Set To Get Its First Tiger Safari Park In Dang

Gujarat is home to Asiatic Lions in India. Soon the place will be known for Tiger Safaris as well. About 30 years ago a tiger was spotted on the outskirts of Dang, a district in Gujrat. And now after three decades, Dang is going to be the home to Tiger Safaris in Gujarat. Lands in the  Jhakhana and Jobari villages in Dang have been selected. 

Eight Zoo-Bred Tigers

The Gujrat government is planning on launching Tiger Safari Park in Dang, Gujrat. According to the safari plan, the state will have eight zoo bred tigers including two tigers, two tigresses and four cubs. About 28.96 hectares of land have been selected in Jhakhana and Jobari villages. 

Revived The Plan From Leopard Safari to Tiger Safari

A senior forest official revealed that the initial plan was to come up with a park in Tilakwada, 25 Kms from the Statue of Liberty. Later a zoological park with exotic flora and fauna from across the globe was decided to be set up. The land at Dang was approved for Leopard safari first but the plan got revived to Tiger safari park. 


Enclosure, Paddock, Aviary In The Safari Park 

The plan will be drawn up by a consultant and there will be animal enclosures and vets in the region. In addition to the enclosure for leopards, the department plans to construct a paddock for herbivores and an aviary in the Tiger safari park. During the excursions, tourists will be permitted to use open jeeps. 

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