Gurgaon’s Leopard Trail: A Perfect Getaway In The Lush Aravallis For Hikers And Road Trip Lovers

by Shreya Rathod
Gurgaon’s Leopard Trail: A Perfect Getaway In The Lush Aravallis For Hikers And Road Trip Lovers

The Aravallis in Gurgaon is the oldest mountain range with lush greenery. The windy air and serene environment are surreal. You can go trekking, camping and even take your bikes for a ride through the Leopard Trail of the great Aravallis. If you are a fan of motorcycle riding and feeling fresh air, then this trail is a perfect place for you to visit.

Leopard Trail Of The Aravallis

leopard trail
Credits: Pexels

The Leopard Trail is a picturesque roadway with lush greenery on both sides. It is an ideal place for bikers and motorcycle riders to go on a long rides. The place has a scenic view of nature and will leave you in awe. Moreover, it is a deserted trail. So, let loose and feel the wind coursing through your hair.

For many, riding a bike can feel unshackling and liberating in its own way. And riding through this abandoned trail will offer you the same feeling. Apart from locals, many trekkers and nature lovers visit this place to explore its unknown parts.

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Cafes That You Can Visit

leopard trail
Credits: Wikimedia

Some quaint cafes and eateries on this trail serve delicious food. You can visit them while on your ride and make it even more memorable. Besides, the cafes are open-air and offer you an amazing view of the Aravallis. You can take a halt at Throttle Shrottle, a popular place for bikers. They have rustic decor and will give you biker vibes. Also, they serve some tasty dishes that you will love. Another great place is K.P. Food. You can enjoy a quick cup of tea or a full-fledged paratha meal. They also serve burgers, pizzas, omelettes and Maggi.

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If you are up for a weekend ride and want to disconnect from city noise, then take a u-turn towards the Leopard Trail.

Cover Image Courtesy: Pexels