Gurugram Introduces New Campaign ‘Break The Neck’ To Counteract Fake Liquor Sale

by Tejashee Kashyap
Gurugram Introduces New Campaign ‘Break The Neck’ To Counteract Fake Liquor Sale

Over the years, Gurugram has become a prominent hub for businesses, tech companies, and multinational corporations. It also boasts a vibrant and dynamic drinking scene that combines traditional Indian culture with modern luxury. Now, the excise department in Gurugram has initiated a ‘Break The Neck’ campaign. This is to counteract the rebottling and selling of counterfeit premium alcohol.

What Does The Campaign Do?

It has become a significant business and entertainment hotspot due to its booming corporate sector, thriving nightlife, and upmarket lifestyle. However, beneath the surface of affluence, Gurugram has been plagued by a recurrent issue: Swindles in the spirits industry.

People are encouraged to break the necks of empty bottles in order to prevent them from being repackaged and sold with cheap spirits. The excise agency has created teams to collect and evaluate spirits samples. Liquor store owners have been asked to display campaign posters, and establishments that do not support the campaign will face repercussions.

According to HT, The campaign tries to promote the practice of breaking the necks of empty alcohol bottles so that they are not sold to ‘traders’ who repackage and resell them, albeit with cheap spirits.

Public health is among the most urgent issues raised by liquor scams. Alcohol that is manufactured illegally or of poor quality can be harmful and pose health hazards to users. Serious health implications may arise from the use of inexpensive, occasionally hazardous ingredients and a lack of quality control. Drinking tainted alcohol has occasionally resulted in terrible events, such as disease and even death.

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Why Does The Problem Persist In Gurugram?

Alcohol that is sold legally is frequently rather expensive due to high taxes and levies. Because of this, there is a steady market for less expensive options, which fuels the production of illicit alcohol. Legal snags and enforcement lapses have given bootleggers a comparatively safe operating environment. The expansion of the illegal trade has been facilitated by these difficulties in policing the alcohol sector.

While the problem of liquor swindles in Gurugram is persistent, efforts have been made to combat it, including this latest campaign. Public awareness campaigns have been conducted to educate consumers about the risks associated with consuming illicit liquor and to promote responsible drinking. The availability of raw materials and equipment required for illicit liquor production, such as rectified spirits, is a significant concern. These materials can be diverted from legal sources.

Furthermore, building a transparent supply chain for the legal spirits business can assist in decreasing the potential for raw material diversion to the illegal market. Addressing the root causes and consequences of the illicit liquor trade is essential.

What do you think of this new campaign?

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