5 Hacks To Make The Perfect Phulkas At Home

by Vinita Jain
5 Hacks To Make The Perfect Phulkas At Home

Phulka commonly known as chapatis is an Indian flatbread made from wheat flour. Not only is it rich in the nutrients and fiber that whole grains provide, but it’s also low in fat and extremely light on the stomach. Although, consistent practice is the only key to making a soft, and fluffy phulka. But don’t worry. We’ve rounded up 5 hacks that will help you make a round, smooth, fluffy phulka. Check them out.

1. Kneading The Dough

When kneading the dough, you need to mix wheat flour, sugar, salt, oil, and water. If you give the dough just the right amount of elasticity, you can easily make a soft, round pulka. The dough should be kneaded with water until it becomes soft and malleable. Too much moisture will spoil the dough.

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2. Let The Dough Rest For A While

After kneading the dough, oiling the dough will soften it. The dough should rest for a while and be covered with a muslin cloth or foil. Covering prevents loss of softness. If you leave the dough for a time, it will have a moderate texture.

3. Keep The Gas Speed Consistent

After rolling the chapattis, be sure to place them in a preheated frying pan. Do not change the gas speed when baking chapattis. The change in gas speed makes it crispy and hard. So, to keep your chapattis fluffy and soft, don’t disturb the gas speed.

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4. Bake The Phulkas Nicely From The Edges

The fourth trick is when you roll. A slightly thicker circle gives the puff. But make sure all corners and sides are well cooked. If you roll the phulka too thin, it will look like toasted papad.

5. Cook The Phulkas Properly On Both The Sides

Cook the first side until small bubbles are visible (cook this side again over an open flame). Cook the flipped side slightly longer and cook until large bubbles appear. Directly heat the first half of the fried side.

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