Eat Ghee With These 5 Foods For Higher Health Benefits

by Vinita Jain
Eat Ghee With These 5 Foods For Higher Health Benefits

Ghee has always been an important part of Indian cuisine. Its benefits are well known in Indian households and ghee is also said to be of great importance in Ayurvedic medicines and remedies. Whether it’s our roti, khichdi, or simple dal rice, a small amount of ghee enhances the flavour of any meal. Ghee is very rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, good for gut health, heart-healthy fats, and more. Keeping this in mind, we’ve shortlisted five foods you can combine with ghee for amplified benefits.

1. Chapatis

The very basic, spreading ghee on your chapatis. Whether you’re on a diet or not, never skip on ghee wali chapatis. It lowers your glycaemic index of chapatis and can keep you full for longer.

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2. Tadka In Dal

Adding ghee ka tadka to dal just not only adds flavors to the dal but is also good for our health. Either you can add ghee ka tadka in your dal, or add dollops of ghee on the top. Ghee in dal helps in boosting our immunity and adds a very nice buttery and greasy flavor to the dal.

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3. Sautee The Veggies Using Ghee

Rather than sautéing the veggies in oil, you can sauté them in ghee also. Yes, roasting vegetables in ghee is a healthy alternative. The lycopene in tomatoes is easily absorbed by the body when cooked with ghee. Similarly, vitamin A, which is found in vegetables such as carrots and green vegetables, is better absorbed when cooked in ghee.

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4. Ghee In Coffee

Drinking coffee with a spoonful of ghee adds moisture, sugar, and protein. The amount of moisture affects the flavor of the coffee and basically dilutes the coffee a bit. Also adding ghee to your coffee is an effective remedy for constipation.

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5. Garlic

Similar to garlic chili oil, ghee mixed with garlic is a great combination. Flavor aside, garlic boosts immunity, is anti-inflammatory, improves heart health, clears skin, improves lipid profile, and lowers blood pressure.

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