Here’s How To Use Malai To Make Ghee At Home

by Vinita Jain
Here’s How To Use Malai To Make Ghee At Home

Indians absolutely drool over desi ghee (clarified butter). Do you know how desi ghee is actually made? Well, if you are from any Punjabi or Marwari family, you might be aware of this whole process. Separating the milk solids and water from the good fats by melting the unsalted butter. The intense aroma of homemade ghee enhances Indian cooking. Although ghee is high in fat, it contains high levels of omega-3 monounsaturated fatty acids. Rather than buying the expensive cans of ghee from the market why not try making it at home?

Collecting Malai from hot fat milk for almost 8-9 days will help you in making ghee at home. The process of making Ghee from Malai includes the freezing process, churning process, and cooking. It is a slightly lengthy process but totally worth it. Check out the below-mentioned recipes to get a better idea of making Ghee at home from Malai.

1. Lata’s Kitchen

Lata Jain shares the easy recipe for making Ghee from Malai.

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2. Skinny Recipes

Have collected loads of Malai. Why waste it, make desi and pure ghee at home from the leftover malai. Refer to this recipe on the Skinny Recipes youtube channel for any help.

3. Various Aspects Of Life With Food

Check out the complete process of making ghee from the milk malai.

4. Masala Kitchen

Highly experienced Chef Poonam Devnani shares a four-in-one recipe. Just with 4 easy tricks, you can make Makhan, ghee, paneer, and mawa. Remember to have the Malai of full-fat milk.

5. Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

In Sanjeev Kapoor’s #BackToBasics series learn to make desi ghee from scratch at home.

6. Priya’s Nest

Priya’s Nest comes up with the recipe for homemade ghee directly from milk malai.

7. Hebbars Kitchen

Hebbars Kitchen shares the recipe for making 500 gm of ghee from 1.5 liters of milk. Perhaps this is one of the tried and tested home methods of preparing ghee and it can take up to two weeks to gather the cream and turn it into butter.

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