5 Desi High Protein Dishes You Must Add To Your Daily Diet

by Vinita Jain
5 Desi High Protein Dishes You Must Add To Your Daily Diet

Losing weight in an Indian household is definitely a task. The buttery parathas, deep-fried fritters, spicy curries, etc. these exclusive preps at your home can surely stray you from your diet plans. So what to do in that case, you can add some healthy food items which are rich in nutrients and proteins. Healthy food items that can complement your Indian meals. They also help regulate the hunger hormone ghrelin, which suppresses cravings and promotes weight loss. Check out these 5 desi high-protein dishes you must add to your daily diet.

1. Chaas

Chaas or buttermilk is a drink that is widely consumed in Indian households. Buttermilk is made by whisking a few spoons of yogurt and water until they are blended properly.  According to Ayurveda buttermilk contains medicinal properties and has the power to treat diseases, as well as help in proper digestion.

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2. Raita

Another dish of curd is Raita which can help you in losing weight. Raita is a great option for summers. Raita is a very good source of vegetarian protein. It also has detoxifying properties. You can also add vegetables of your choice to the raita to make it more delicious, just avoid Boondi in your raita(because it is fried).

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3. Mixed Beans Salad

Along with your lunch have a bowl of mixed beans salad. Mixed beans salad is made of black beans, chickpeas, some salad veggies, and lemon juice. This high-protein salad is a filling and healthy option.

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4. Paneer

Paneer is rich in protein and is great for losing weight. It reduces your appetite, helps burn tummy fat, and changes the levels of certain weight-regulating hormones. Paneer doesn’t digest fast, it takes time and keeps you full for a longer period. Also, Paneer is an ingredient that can be consumed in numerous ways.

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5. Oats Khichdi

For a healthy desi meal, you can opt for oats khichdi as well. Khichdi is one of the favorite comfort foods with a high protein twist. This warm treat is packed with the goodness of oats, moong beans, carrots, green peas, tomatoes, chili peppers, and olive oil. A bowl of oats khichdi can be paired with yogurt or raita too.

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