Devotees Can Watch Ghee Miraculously Turns Into Butter In This Karnataka Temple

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Devotees Can Watch Ghee Miraculously Turns Into Butter In This Karnataka Temple

India is a country blessed with the oldest civilizations, rich culture, legends and religions. The country is home to the most beautiful and traditional temples in the world. Each temple has a surreal story and history attached to it which makes visiting the place more interesting. Similarly, a temple in Karnataka is home to a miracle where every time an abhisheka is performed on the Dhivalinga with ghee, the ghee turns into butter. 

A Miracle Witnessed By The Devotees

About 4,559 feet above sea level is a Hindu pilgrimage centre named Shivgange in Dobbaspet in Karnataka. This beautiful mountain is in the shape that reminds you of Shiva Linga and besides it runs the vigorous Ganga. Shivagange has various theerthas named Agasthya theertha, Pathala Gange, Kanva theertha, Kapila theertha, etc. It also has many temples namely Gangadhareshwara temple, Sharadambe temple and Sri Honnammadevi Temple. For over 1600 years something very miraculous and interesting is happening here. Whenever a Linga Abhisheka is performed with ghee on the Shiva Linga here, the ghee simply turns into white butter. The devotees have seen it themselves and it is also said that this butter has many medicinal qualities that are useful in curing ailments. 

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Beauty Of Technical Brilliance Of Our Ancient Architects

On every Sankranthi that is in the month of January, there is a marriage function conducted between Lord Shiva (Gangadhareshwar) and Devi Parvati (Honnamma). At this time the water from the holy river Ganga falls from the top of the hill and it is used for the dhare ritual at the wedding. A notable aspect during Sankranthi is that the evening sunlight tends to pass between the arcs of Nandi’s horns and falls on the main idol, Shiva Linga. This shows nothing but the brilliance of our ancient architects. Shivgange trek is a must-try for every trekker as the experience of climbing this mountain and the view later is simply mesmerizing. 

Pic Credits: Trip Advisor

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