Hair Care Tips: 5 Hair Fall Tips To Stop Believing Right Now!

by Shrestha Purkayastha
Hair Care Tips: 5 Hair Fall Tips To Stop Believing Right Now!

I think that the most important thing a woman can have, next to talent, of course- is her hairdresser. A woman’s hair is her crown and glory! The woman’s glory! What is this glory? Is it her facial appearance, her figure, her clothes, or something else? What is the woman’s glory? Hair has always been considered one of the most prominent and important aspects of our physical appearance. In all nations and in all cultures, people give much attention to their own hair and pay attention to the hair of others. Generally, it is one of the first features that we notice about the people whom we meet. Here, we have a list of some efficient hair tips for all the amazingly beautiful women out there!

1. Do Not Use Hot Water

We know it’s cold, and a nice hot hair wash is exactly what you want. But, hot water will deplete the much-needed moisture from your scalp. Winter is anyway a time when your scalp and hair suffer from dryness. A hot water hair wash will only worsen the situation. So, you will definitely have to regulate the temperature to ensure that the water you’re washing your hair with is lukewarm.

2. Say No To Heat-Based Styling Products

Using the hairdryer during the winter months is a rather inviting proposition because drying the tresses after a wash takes too much time. Plus, the warm air! But, you should avoid all heat-based styling products during winter months, or use them after the application of a heat-protectant product. Direct heat application from products like a straightener, curling iron or hairdryer can damage the hair, and cause severe dryness. Instead, opt for air-drying even if it takes extra time.

3. Oiling Is Absolutely Necessary

Since the main issue winters cause for our hair health is dryness, oiling at least once a week is important. In addition, you can heat the oil you’re using for application for better results. You should ideally opt for hair oils that are known to hydrate the hair as well as the scalp such as coconut oil or olive oil. If you’ve been experiencing dandruff, add some lemon to the warm oil before application.

4. Schedule A Deep Conditioning Session

Your tresses require a lot of attention during the winter months, but we suggest you use it as an excuse for some self-love. Deep conditioning needs to be done once a week, probably on the same day that you are oiling. It will not only add moisture to your hair but also nourish it.

You can do it right at home, in fact! Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo. Next, apply the deep conditioner that suits you best and wrap a towel dipped in warm water around your head. Wear a shower cap over the towel to seal the warmth. This is the desi way of steaming your hair and can be quite effective when it comes to moisture absorption. Keep the towel on for a while, and then rinse with water. You will not only look great but your hair won’t be tangled either!

5. Avoid Washing Your Hair Daily

Many people are used to washing their hair every day or every alternate day in summer. But, winters are a little different and require you to change your hair wash schedule. Excessive washing can cause damage and dryness to your hair due to the regular application of chemicals and warm water. It can rip your hair and scalp off its moisture, and leave your tresses looking dull. Hence, we recommend indulging in hair washing sessions only once or twice a week. It will help you clean your hair while avoiding damage.

So, ladies, make sure you do these simple things to keep your tresses beautiful!