Half An Hour Away From Jibhi Lies Tandi Village Where Draupadi Left Her Body

by Shreya Ghosh
Half An Hour Away From Jibhi Lies Tandi Village Where Draupadi Left Her Body

Himachal Pradesh is home to serene surroundings, picturesque views, and spectacular destinations to explore. Among all the touristy cities and towns, there are some not-so-much-explored places that have stolen the hearts of travel enthusiasts with their alluring natural beauty. Tandi Village, a heavenly destination surrounded by verdant greenery needs to be on your travel bucket list if your plans are to immerse in nature’s aura and tranquility.

Tandi Village Is Home To Unimaginable Beauty!

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Vibhu Vashisth 🇮🇳 (@Indic_Vibhu) shared beautiful pictures of the village.

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Nestled at the convergence of the Bhaga River and Chandra River, this quaint village holds a special corner in our hearts. The natural charm, mountain peaks, offbeat locations, unending views of trees all around, and of course the breathtaking serenity in the air make this village in the Pattan Valley a must-visit. Have you ever dreamt of waking up and witnessing endless views of green surroundings without being distracted by any crowd, noise, or chaos? To fulfill this dream and spend a couple of days in complete calmness, a trip to this Himachali village seems like a perfect plan.

Tandi Village
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Mythological Relations With This Himachal Pradesh Village

Ashutosh kumar (@ashutoshk38) shared a magnificent picture of Tandi village.

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Tandi Village is famous for its mythological association with Draupadi, the wife of Pandavas. It is believed that she left her body in this village, according to a report by Indo Vacations. Also, it is said that Tandi means Tan Dehi which stands for giving up one’s body.

Not just a connection with Draupadi, the famous convergence is also known as the location where Rishi Vashishtha was cremated. Another mythological story concerning this place is where Bhaga and Chandra got married in the convergence. Bhaga is the Sun God’s son and Chandra is the Moon God’s daughter.

Pallavi Prasad MD DNB (@DrPallaviPrasad) shared a photo of the serene views of the village.

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A couple of days are enough to enjoy a rejuvenating holiday in this village. Nestled about 10 km away from Keylong, the Kapurthala district’s village will tantalise your senses and also help you in enjoying a journey full of enchanting and magnificent experiences.

A trip to Tandi Village is incomplete without witnessing the mesmeriesing views of the confluence of Chandra and Bhaga rivers. But of course, from a distance and safely!

For a small holiday away from hustle and bustle, this Himachali destination is perfect!

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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