Touring Hauz Khas Monuments Will Now Require Entry Fee

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Touring Hauz Khas Monuments Will Now Require Entry Fee

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A trip to Hauz Khas monuments in Delhi will now require an entry fee.

What Is It?

Monuments in Hauz Khas in South Delhi are going to be ticketed which means tourists and visitors will have to pay a certain amount to tour the monument. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has issued a notice that aims to make the 13th century complex at Hauz Khas a ticketed monument.

Image credits: My Delhi Adventures

What’s In It?

The entry fees to visit the monument will be charged at ₹15 for Indian nationals and ₹200 for foreign nationals. The ASI believes that this area, in particular, has a lot of potential in terms of boosting tourism, many travellers and locals come to visit the monuments for free.

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Hauz Khas is also a major party hub in Delhi where a lot of Delhiites come to party, drink and dine every day which means it has immense potential for tourism.

Image credits: DforDelhi

Plans are also being made to establish a museum that would help visitors to learn more about the monuments and gain some insight into the history of this place.


The entry fee has been set for ₹15 (Indian nationals and ₹200 (Foreign Nationals)