Have A Romantic Picnic On Goan Beaches! Be It A Beach Proposal Or Bachelorette Or A Date, The Company Plans It All!

Goan beaches
by Ananya Singh

We have everything arranged for you, whether you’re skimming for the most romantic places in Goa or having fun on the beaches with your friends, family, or colleagues. Bohemian Beach Picnic by OK Goa is the first that cherishes memories. The setting of the bohemian picnic on the Goan beaches is breathtakingly beautiful. It makes you feel amidst clouds with gorgeous salmon-hued flowers and waters.

You will genuinely feel as though you are in heaven, thanks to the breezy atmosphere, the wooden decor, and the aromas of the beautiful flowers all about you. Want to know all about this boho picnic on Goan beaches? Read more to find out!

Bohemian Picnic On Goan Beaches 

Boho Beach Picnic

Image Credits: Ok Goa

Who doesn’t enjoy a gathering in a quiet area with their loved ones where they can be themselves? OK Goa arranges everything for you, whether it’s a romantic time with your significant other, champagne with your bridesmaids, or an anniversary surprise. You can enjoy a wonderful bohemian picnic at a seaside setting with the most breathtaking view and the big sky open right in front of you. You need all the subtle shades of pastel aesthetics while you sit under the million stars counting the ships and yachts as they pass.

It has a really beachy feel to it, and the jazz music is quite beautiful, matching the sound of the tides. Everything you eat has been lovingly and meticulously prepared to make you go Mamma Mia! Visit this place with your special one to create the perfect environment for romantic conversation and those sneaky glances. The Bohemian Beach Picnic on Goan beaches will remarkably affect you before you even realise it.

What Does The Picnic Include?

Boho Beach Picnic

Image Credits: Ok Goa

The picnic includes a wooden table, some throw pillows with macrame placemats and an outdoor seat pad that matches beach and sand aesthetics. Every detail by OK Goa is minutely included, like Vintage plates, wine glasses and some vases with artificial grass for decor. But do you know what the cherry on the top is? The beautifully woven wooden baskets with their signature boho knit blankets. Just the sound of them make you want to spend your good times there. Doesn’t it? 

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This beach picnic by OK Goa promises pleasantness and serenity. It has a bohemian feel to it that none of the other Goa beaches has at the moment. For tourists hoping for some alone time, it offers solitude. For couples looking for a romantic getaway, it gives you peace, and for bachelors and bachelorettes, it provides the party. So, when compared to other famous beaches in Goa’s North, it is untouched beauty! 

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Cover Image Courtesy: Ok Goa

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