Have The Spiciest Misal Of Your Life At Newale Misal, Pune

by Anvi Doshi
Have The Spiciest Misal Of Your Life At Newale Misal, Pune

If you’re in Pune and you haven’t mopped your face with a napkin because the misal you’re eating is kinda making you cry, you’re doing a poor job at experiencing the city. Known to be the powerhouse of misal all across the state, Pune boasts of some of the most legendary misal joints.

An Introduction

Ranked as one of top 5 misal places in town, we visited ‘Morya Bhuvan’ which is fondly (also popularly) known as ‘Newale Misal’. We were intrigued to understand what’s so special about the misal here. Run by the 3rd generation of the Newale family, this joint is almost 55 years old and houses one of the spiciest misal you can lay your hands on.

What’s In It?

Back then, they sold a plate of misal for just Rs 1 and now, they charge Rs 70. According to one of the owners,

“People praise us for our consistent deliverance of quality and taste. The homemade masala is our special ingredient and my brother and me make it ourselves”.

This homemade masala is what lights up their misal and if you drop by on the weekend, you’ll probably encounter a 30-minute waiting period. The misal, however, isn’t for the fainthearted. Spicy as spicy can be, it’s actually very delicious. The best part? All that spice doesn’t stop you from enjoying the subtleties of all the other prominent flavors that make the dish.

To tone it down, you can pour Solkadhi in your misal and we’d recommend you even squeeze the lime on top. The acidity helps in dulling the heat.

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A Bit More 

What warmed our hearts was watching the staff, the owners and even the customers all behave like one big family. One of the locals who came by told us,

“Nowhere is Maharashtra will you find such a unique taste when it comes to misal. The spiciness is a sure way to beat the tiredness in your body.”

If you’re in Pune, you simply must stop by and taste Newale’s Misal, even if you have to then down a couple of buckets of water.

Address: Newale Misal, CTS 704, Gandhi Peth, Opposite Majid, Chinchwadgaon, Chinchwad, Pune
Timings:  8:30am – 12:30pm, 5:30pm – 8:30pm
Cost: Rs 200 for two (approx)
Contact: 020 27613894, +91 9762419609