Have You Ever Tried A Chicken Cheetos Slider?

by Dhruv Maniar
Have You Ever Tried A Chicken Cheetos Slider?

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SALT serves you a simple meal with the most exotic flavours that brings people together for an urban food experience. The Chicken Cheetos Slider and Cheetos Fries are must try dishes here. 

What Is It?

SALT is a local food chain that emerged through a small truck in kite beach which has now expanded into a beach house. With its simple and unique offerings, SALT has over four outlets across the UAE. Imagine grabbing a bite of Deep Fried Chicken + Melted Cheese + Cheetos served in a buttery bun complimented by fries topped with cheese and Cheetos which is not just mouthwatering but truly delicious.

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Credits: SALT

What Else Should You Try?

Apart from the Chicken Cheetos, you should also try the lotus softies which will have all lotus lovers drooling. The vanilla ice-cream with lotus sprinklers which will surely pull you back for more. Find everything black at SALT for a limited time from cheese melt black sliders to salt and vinegar black fries which has been extended for the month of Ramadan.

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Grab them before anyone else!

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Location: Kite Beach, La Mer, Dubai Marina Mall, The Dubai Mall.
Cost: AED 130 for two

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