“He Looks Delicious,” Netizens Drool Over Handsome Afghani Samosa Seller In Delhi

A food vlogger shared a viral video of an Afghani samosa seller in Delhi's Shaheen Bagh. And Netizens can't help but drool over it.

by Sanjana Shenoy
“He Looks Delicious,” Netizens Drool Over Handsome Afghani Samosa Seller In Delhi

Not long ago, the Internet was simping over a handsome blue-eyed chai wala from Pakistan. Apart from his freshly brewed chai, it was his good looks that scorched the Internet. And now, Delhi has found its own answer to the Pakistani blue-eyed chai wala and that’s an Afghani samosa seller. Let’s get to it.

Afghani Samosa Seller Is Setting The Internet On Fire With His Good Looks


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Mohd. Junaid, a food content creator took to his Instagram handle @swagsedoctorofficial to share a video of an Afghani samosa seller in Delhi. Unlike most food videos where the dish catches the eye of foodies at Al-Naseeb Restaurant in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi, the authentic Afghani Chicken Samosa isn’t the only thing that caught the eyes of Netizens.

Rather, it’s the green-eyed vibrant Afghani samosa seller that left the Internet drooling. In the viral video, he welcomes Indians and urges them to visit his eatery. Holding a samosa in his hand, he simply says that if one doesn’t like the samosa, there’s no need to pay for it. “Hum Pathaan hai jhoot nahin bolte hai”, ( I’m a Pathaan, I’m not lying), he says. His confidence and demeanour has caught the attention of Netizens. The samosa seller expertly slices the chicken samosa in half and adds oodles of mayonnaise and tandoori sauce to it. Then, he added a dollop of green chutney on the side and served it to the food vlogger.

The food vlogger, @swagsedoctorofficial calls it “unique” after having a taste of it. He also laughingly asks the Afghani samosa seller if one can find such samosas in Afghanistan. “Milta hai.. milta hai” ( you will find it), he says with a wide smile. When he places the samosa on a plate, the Afghani samosa seller says “Aapka Nawab Bhai yeh samosa plate par rakhega”, ( your Nawab brother will place the samosa on the plate). 

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Netizens Simp, “He Is More Handsome Than Bollywood Actors”

Why are we focussing on this? Wait till we get to the comments section. The fact that Delhiites can get authentic Afghani samosas in their neighbourhood gully has left the Internet less fascinated than the good looks of the samosa vendor. The comments section has Netizens drooling and simping over the Afghani samosa seller.

@ruchika_sbdr comments, “I refuse to call him bhaiya”. Well, forget he said “Nawab bhaiya”, right? @daddygotthatwap says, “Man these Afghani people are so pretty”. @what.is.this.behavior says, “Woh aur unke accent kitni pyaari hai”. To this, we have to obviously ask, “Pooja, what is this behaviour?”

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@_nawaf._.10_ writes, “Bro is handsome asf”. @enter_nutshell comments, “Afghani genes are actually beautiful”. @_jarry19_ even goes on to compare him with Bollywood actors saying, “broo is more handsome than some Bollywood actors”. @__itssush seals the deal with her comment, “He looks more delicious than samosa now.”

So folks, are you heading to Delhi’s Al-Naseeb Restaurant for the authentic Afghani Chicken Samosa, or perhaps, to have a glimpse with the green-eyed Afghani samosa seller?

Cover Image Courtesy: @swagsedoctorofficial/ Instagram 

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