“It’s A F****ing Samosa NOT Mimosa”, Desi Reacts To An American Trying Indian Christmas Food

A desi influencer shared a video on Instagram where he reacted to an American trying out Indian Christmas food and mispronouncing the names.

by Sanjana Shenoy
“It’s A F****ing Samosa NOT Mimosa”, Desi Reacts To An American Trying Indian Christmas Food

How often have we come across foreigners calling vadas, “doughnuts” and mispronouncing our Indian dishes? For the nth time, there’s a video of an American trying out Indian Christmas food where our dishes are once again mispronounced and even misunderstood. An Indian influencer reacted to this and almost lost his… never mind, just check it out!

Desi Influencer Reacts To American Trying Out “Indian Christmas Food”


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A post shared by Pushpek Sidhu (@pushpeksidhu_)

Video creator, Pushpek Sidhu shared a reaction video on Instagram where he reacts to a foreigner (mostly an American) trying out Indian Christmas food for the first time. The influencer first tries “Christmas Mimosa with green pesto sauce”. This is nothing but our desi samosa with green chutney. Pushpek Sidhu, absolutely mortified, screams out loud that the dish is samosa not mimosa.

The samosa actually has a small edible picture of Santa Claus. The content creator added generous amounts of green chutney to the samosa and even the poor Santa, and goes on to eat it. Pushpek Sidhu hilariously asks that if the person eats Santa does it mean there’s no Christmas? Next on the menu was “Christmas Biryani”. “The colour rice represents the colour of Christmas”, says the influencer.

At this time, Pushpek Sidhu almost exasperated, corrects that the coloured rice represents the seasoning and not Christmas. And the cherry on the cake, is an extremely mispronounced Indian mithai. The influencer tried “Gulag Christmas Balls Jamun”, what in the world is this? Nodding his head in happiness, the influencer bites into gulab jamun and says Santa would love it. Then, he goes on to rate it 7.5 out of 10. Just 7.5? Well, that’s exactly, Pushpek’s question.

Well, the desi content creator sarcastically threatens to find the person who posted this misappropriated Indian food video and “hurt him really bad”. Looks like he pretty much echoed every other desi’s reaction after watching this viral video. No doubt, Netizens took to the comments section to bombard it with their views.

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Netizens Shocked As Foreigner Calls Samosa, A Mimosa

@emanabid__ says, “First of all, tell me who tf is selling Indian Christmas food by just adding a Santa in everything”. She has a point! All the dishes shown in the video are basic Indian dishes with edible Santa Claus on them. @ektakaushal_ points out that Pushpek Sidhu didn’t add the part where the creator claimed that gulab jamuns were marinated in oil. Marinated?! @m_rashiq.kngr916 says, “Gulag Christmas balls jamun” literally got me a stroke. dreamy.

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@falcon pointed out, “You are my spirit animal”. @266_rajjj.g  almost shocked, says, ‘AYO YOU ATE THE SANTA”. @not_in_rhythm almost predicts, “Bro’s gonna hunt every gora pakora..”. @poojanjain exclaims, “sugar syrup infused donut bites” quite a description of gulab jamun for the West.  But @poojanjain exclaims, “At least it’s better than Calling it balab jalam”. 

Meanwhile, what do you think about this reaction video of Indian Christmas foods? Did it leave you as enraged as the desi influencer? It certainly left us quite irritated but also salivating for actual Indian Christmas food like Kerala’s Palappam, Allahabadi Cake and more!

Cover Image Courtesy: @pushpeksidhu_/ Instagram

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