World’s Longest Sandstone Cave In Meghalaya Is As Massive As A NYC Skyscraper 24,583 Meters In Length

by Madhusree Chatragadda
by Madhusree Chatragadda 8164

The age of exploration has not ended with Marco Polo, the great explorer and aren’t we glad. We can’t thank enough cave enthusiasts who discovered Krem Puri in 2016. But only now do we know that these unique caves are actually the longest caves made of sandstone in India! This was made possible by a much larger group of cave explorers and much perseverance. We are glad it all worked out.

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Krem Puri Is Located 90Km From The Pristine Town Of Shillong

The longest sandstone caves in the world are located in the North East region, about 90 km from the pristine town of Shillong. The exact address would lead you to Meghalaya, East Khasi hill district of the village Laitsohum.


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Reaching The Sandstone Cave Is Quite An Adventure In Itself

The nearest airport is in Shillong from where you will again have to hail a cab. It will take about 3 hours to reach the caves in the cab as Krem Puri is at a distance of 90-100 km from Shillong. Vy train, the nearest station lies in Guwahati. From Guwahati, Krem Puri lies at a distance of 160 km. You will have to arrange for a cab again and it will take 5 hours to cover this distance.


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A Day Trip From Shillong

The village of Laitsohum in Meghalaya is quite a remote village and hardly has any signs of accommodation. So you might want to just put up in Shillong and make your way to Krem Puri by booking cabs.

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Krem Puri 24,583 Meters In Length

Despite being discovered as the longest sandstone caves in the whole world, Krem Puri is a prime location for discovering ancient fossils for which many cave experts come up here to indulge in excavations and to conduct studies. And with this new discovery, many more are touted to come by and experience the calm beauty of the longest sandstone caves in the world. And its total length is 24,583 meters!

May To September Is The Best Time To Visit The Cave

It is best to plan all your visit to Krem Puri in the months of May to September every year. This is because of the pleasant weather that prevails in these months which will add to your sense of adventure. Awaken your inner explorer, grab your friends, and get discovering now people! Who knows what you all might find?

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