Have You Seen These Buddhist Caves In Pune?

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
by Yashasvi Shaktawat 2149

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Bedsa caves are a group of Buddhist rock-cut monuments located in Maval taluka, Pune.

What Is It?

The history of the Bedsa caves can be traced back to the Satavahana period in the 1st century BCE and they are located about 9 km away from the Bhaja caves in Talegaon which is just ahead of Lonavala.

What’s In It?

There two main caves, the best-known caves is the Chaitya with a large stupa, the other caves is the monastery. The mesmerizing Buddhist caves make for a perfect visit with friends or family on a weekend located at about 54 km away from Pune.

The Buddhist monks were known to have lived in these caves during the rainy season and hence, these viharas are also known as the rain caves.


Address: Maval taluka, Pune, Maharashtra 410405



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