5 Healthy Travel Meals You Should Pack To Snack On During Vacations

by Sushmita Mahanta
5 Healthy Travel Meals You Should Pack To Snack On During Vacations

Finally, it’s time for the favorite part of Summer. Friendship trips, family vacays, and beach weekends make our summers happier and more thrilling. And to beat the heat, it’s important you eat healthy during your travel trips. Keeping your health in check and eating delicious at the same time should be your mantra this summer. So here are 5 healthy travel meals to carry during your summer getaways.

1. Apple, Almond, and Cheddar Sandwich

Travel meals need to be affordable. This particular snack meal is easy to make and has lots of health benefits. Just grab some bread, stuff with pieces of almond, sliced apple, and some cheddar cheese. It’s a travel-friendly snack for you and your family. Also here’s a tip. Slice them down in the middle and your one-bite, healthy travel meals are ready!

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2. Almond Date Bars

Almonds and Dates are great for your health. Rather than buying a variety of chips from the market, it’s better you invest in protein and almond date bars. These are very easy to carry, take up less space, and taste yum too. Also, these snacks are the best for those who are busy and have less time to plan for their trips. You can buy the almond date bars in any store even during your travels. So these bars make up for some of the most healthy travel meals you can carry on your trips.

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3. Baked Potato And Cheese

This is the simplest of all your healthy travel meals. You just need some good round potatoes! Cheese is on you to either add or discard. You can also replace cheese with some baked carrots too. Baked vegetables in general have lots of health benefits. So do not forget to carry your veggies. You can also give a little twist in taste by baking them. It’s that simple.

4. Salads

It goes without saying that salad snacks taste great and are healthy as well. Throw in your choice of protein with a good amount of greens and you have one of the most healthy travel meals with you. Salads just need to be consumed quickly and cannot be stored for a longer period of time. So just keep that in mind. Relish your salads while they are fresh.

5. Boiled eggs

This is what we call going the Indian way. Since your childhood, you must have seen your family vacation trips include eggs like water. And here’s the deal, eggs are really healthy. One of the best sources of protein for you, eggs will really be the most ideal travel meal, anywhere and anytime!
Also, hydrate, that’s very important too!


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