Helicopter Bounces & Makes Uncontrolled Hard Landing In Kedarnath

by Suchismita Pal
Helicopter Bounces & Makes Uncontrolled Hard Landing In Kedarnath

Helicopters are a comfortable alternative to reaching the Kedarnath shrine on foot. However, pilots need to exercise high levels of caution for flying the choppers over difficult terrains while overcoming harsh weather challenges. Recently, a helicopter in Kedarnath narrowly escaped an accident while touching down the helipad. Before landing, the chopper shook and lost direction by 27 degrees. After the incident, the Directorate of Civil Aviation ( DGCA) has asked helicopter pilots to take extra precautions when highly strong tailwinds and crosswinds are present.

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The Helicopter Had A Hard Landing At Kedarnath Helipad; No Passengers Were Injured

The incident took place in the afternoon on May 31, at around 1:30 PM. It was a Bell 407 helicopter of Thumby Aviation Pvt Ltd. As reported by ANI, the helicopter had a hard landing at the helipad. No passengers were injured in the incident. However, pilots have been directed to take extra measures to avoid such situations in future. Reportedly, DGCA is examining the incident now. The aviation body also has plans to do a site inspection to assure the safety of chopper operations.

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At high altitudes, pilots face the challenge of low air pressures. In places like Kedarnath, when the speed of winds crosses permissible limits, flying becomes all the more challenging. The authorities are taking steps to implement more flight safety measures at Kedarnath.