Helmets Mandatory For All Pillion Riders In Mumbai Or License To Get Suspended

by Sanmita A
Helmets Mandatory For All Pillion Riders In Mumbai Or License To Get Suspended

Many states have introduced helmets for all pillion riders, and now Mumbai Traffic Police has done the same too. So, if you are in Mumbai with a two-vehicle, make sure to have an extra helmet. If you are spotted without one, your driving license will be in trouble. The Mumbai Traffic Police has said they would suspend the licences if pillion riders are without helmets.

Wear A Helmet Or Lose Your License And Money

The Mumbai Traffic Police has allotted a time limit of 15 days to its citizens before the rule will be implemented. And if you do not abide by the rules, along with giving up your license for three months, you will also be paying a fine of ₹500.

According to their recent announcement, the Mumbai Traffic Police has found that the two-wheelers are the ones who mostly violate rules and do not wear helmets too. Leave alone the pillion rider wearing one! So, a time limit of 15 days has been given for all two-wheeler owners to get their helmets.

Recently, a viral video from the streets of Mumbai showed six people on a two-wheeler with one sitting on the shoulder!

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Which Other States Have Helmets As Mandatory?

If you are in Bihar, Haryana, Tripura, Meghalaya and Assam, you will face all penalties specified in the new Motor Vehicle Act. Uttar Pradesh, riding without a helmet can cost you a fine of up to ₹600. As for kids, they must have helmets when riding on a two-wheeler.

Let us know what you think of this recent development and how effective can it be!

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