Here’s Everything You Need To Know About UAE’s Green Visa For Skilled Professionals And Investors

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Here’s Everything You Need To Know About UAE’s Green Visa For Skilled Professionals And Investors

Entrepreneurs and businessmen from all over the world travel in great numbers to the United Arab Emirates. For high net worth individuals, business owners, and highly qualified professionals, travelling to and settling in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has recently become simpler as a result of many visa and entry permit improvements issued by the UAE government. The UAE Green visa is the most recent of many such programmes.

What is UAE’s Green Visa?

Investors, business owners, entrepreneurs, graduates, skilled workers, students, and self-employed people can all apply for UAE Green visas. Green visas can be renewed indefinitely after their initial validity period, which might range from two to five years depending on the applicant’s eligibility. The bearer of a green visa is permitted to reside and work in the UAE, make investments in real estate and other assets, and launch a new business here. The advantages and duration of a renewed visa are the same as the original one. The main distinction between a Work visa and a Green visa is that those with the latter type of visa can sponsor themselves and do not need a job offer or a company to move, work, and reside in the nation.

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Benefits Of UAE’s Green Visa

 The Green visa offers numerous extraordinary advantages above the regular UAE residency visa, especially for the holder’s family members. Additionally, moving to the UAE with family is made simpler with the Green visa. As opposed to the previous limit of 18, Green Visa holders can now sponsor male children up to the age of 25. Holders of green visas are also given a six-month flexible grace period during which they may stay in the UAE after their visas expire. With the same advantages as any citizen, the Green visa enables you to move to the UAE or launch a new business. With a Green visa, you are free to go anywhere in the world without worrying about your immigration status upon your return. 


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