Here’s How NRIs Celebrate Diwali Across The Globe!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Here’s How NRIs Celebrate Diwali Across The Globe!

Festivals are super duper important in India and its culture. The country is known to be the land of festivals with so many festivals being celebrated every month of the year. Be it Diwali or Ekadashi, Indians celebrate every festival with the same pomp and enthusiasm. Missing out on them feels super bad and we can completely understand how NRIs feel during major Indian festivals. But hey did you know they too celebrate it at their place?

NRIs On Diwali

If you have ever been to London, the capital of England, you are aware of how incredibly multicultural the city is—people from all different racial and religious backgrounds live, work, study, and attend schools there. 

You can participate in the festivities in London’s Trafalgar Square during Christmas, Eid, or Diwali, depending on the season. Every year, this well-known square has celebrations for Diwali that include Bhangra dancers circling the fountains, vegetarian food being served at food stands, and free performances of South Asian classical and modern dance and music. 

One of the most significant Diwali festivities outside of India takes place in Leicester, in the north of England. Beginning with a dazzling display of thousands of lights along Belgrave Road, dubbed “The Golden Mile,” Leicester’s Festival of Lights gets underway.

 Bollywood music and dance are present. In addition to restaurants remaining open late, you may go shopping at night. After all of this, there are amazing fireworks. Visitors, tourists, and locals are all encouraged to join in on the excitement! 

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Dubai, Canada And America Too Celebrate

To celebrate Diwali, everyone dons their finest traditional Indian outfit. Then they visit temples to worship Laxmi and Ganesh. These are Hindu deities of prosperity and safety. People dance and sing with loved ones to celebrate this day. 

Households in Dubai are not allowed to use fireworks, but the city does light up the sky with beautiful fireworks. Hindus in Dubai cook a big vegetarian lunch and offer it to Lord Krishna the day following Diwali. There are langars organised all across the city. In these, the Hindus serve vegetarian food that they bring from home. Several Indian restaurants have their own Diwali special menus. 

In Canada, Diwali is observed on a chilly evening, and it will become apparent too late that the candles and clay lamps won’t stay lit in the humid Canadian air. One of the most well-liked Diwali traditions in Canada is taking a family stroll through the neighbourhood while carrying trays of candy. 

Gradually, some new traditions developed, like bringing the decorations and lights inside to account for the typical Canadian weather. In Canada, celebrating Diwali with a big party is a repeating custom. There are Indian and Hindu communities all around the nation, but the Diwali celebration in Canada is quite breathtaking.

Diwali is mostly observed in the following US cities: Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, Seattle, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Denver, Las Vegas, Orlando, Charlotte, Northern Virginia, Tampa Bay, Austin, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, Washington, DC, and New York City.

The US Embassy is decked out in lights and diyas for Diwali each year. Another site where fireworks are displayed is near the Hudson River in New York, where Native Americans usually congregate to celebrate. The World Trade Center also hosts a Diwali event.

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