Here’s How You Can Apply For A UAE Golden Visa For A High School Graduate

by Deeplata Garde
Here’s How You Can Apply For A UAE Golden Visa For A High School Graduate

Golden visas are gaining popularity since they allow people to get a residence permit or even citizenship in another nation. Many countries provide Golden Visas to persons who buy a home, donate a considerable sum of money, or invest in the country. For college graduates, a ten-year UAE Golden Visa programme is available with GPAs above 3.8. But did you know you can also get a Golden Visa if you just passed high school?

How Can High School Graduates Apply For UAE Golden Visa?

A five-year Golden Visa is available to high school students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement. Under this visa programme, you can sponsor a member of your family in addition to receiving a five-year residency permit. Following these steps will enable you to apply for a Golden Visa in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as a recent high school graduate if you do intend to build a future for yourself in the UAE.

You can submit an application via their website,, or by contacting Amer, the GDRFA customer service centre.

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Mandatory Documents And Eligibility Criteria

According to the GDRFA website, high school students who are eligible for the Golden Visa are given a five-year Golden Visa, while college graduates are given a 10-year Golden Visa. A high school graduate must have finished their final exams and received a grade of at least 95% publicly or privately to be eligible for the five-year Golden Visa.

These documents are mandatory to apply for Golden Visa for high school graduates.

  1. Letter of advice from the ministry of education
  2. Replica of the sponsorship visa (Dubai residents only)
  3. Copy of the passport being sponsored.

In case the student decides to enrol in Emirates’ top universities and the course needs more than five years of study, then, the visa becomes eligible for renewal.

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