This Autistic Student From India Gets Dubai’s Golden Visa For Excelling In Academics

by Deeplata Garde
This Autistic Student From India Gets Dubai’s Golden Visa For Excelling In Academics

Indians settle in every niche and nook of the world. Achieving milestones everywhere they go. A recent marvel was this one autistic boy from the nation. He listed his name with a few VIPs to receive a grant of Dubai’s Golden Visa. Aman is a developing autistic kid who has been beating school records since junior high. At the mere age of 20, Aman has attained some enormous recognition.

What Is Dubai’s Golden Visa?

Dubai’s Golden Visa came into effect in 2019. The Golden Visa system is a long-term residency (5 and 10 years) for added security. You can apply for the visa through the website of ICA or GDRFA. It allows foreigners to live, work, and study in the country without a national sponsor. Also, it helps to own 100% of their firm on the UAE mainland. Investors, entrepreneurs, remarkable skills, researchers, and brilliant students are eligible for the visa.

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Aman’s Journey With Autism

After earning 94.2 per cent in his Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Grade 10 tests, Aman garnered headlines. Aman, a former student of Delhi Private School in Sharjah, has received a lot of help from his family, teachers, and university counsellors. His journey to achieve Dubai’s Golden Visa has been challenging.


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He is a student at MAHE Manipal’s Dubai branch studying BSc information science and technology. His mother Anitha and younger brother Ayaan, the most crucial support pillars, have dwelt in the UAE for more than two decades. This young lad is intelligent and sharp, but he finds it challenging to speak in a “socially acceptable” manner. At three to four years old, Aman got signs of high-functioning autism. His brother applied for Dubai’s Golden Visa.

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As a kid, he went through a variety of speech and functional therapy, including brain gym. Dubai’s Golden Visa rewarded boy is also a sports enthusiast who enjoys cycling, swimming, and has amazing musical abilities. He’s a fantastic keyboard player.

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