Indians Can Get Golden Visa In These 6 Countries

by Sanjana Shenoy
Indians Can Get Golden Visa In These 6 Countries

Golden visas are becoming quite popular as they offer people the chance to get a residence permit or even citizenship in another country. Many countries offer Golden Visas to people who purchase a house, make large donations or investments in the country. With a Golden Visa, you and your family can become legal residents of a country where you can live there, attend school and get access to medical infrastructure. So, here are 6 countries that offer Golden Visas to Indians.

1. The United Arab Emirates

Indian celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Sanjay Dutt and Sania Mirza created headlines for getting Golden Visas by the United Arab Emirates government. The Golden Visas here permit foreign citizens to live, study, work and have businesses of their own with 100 per cent ownership. The UAE has two residency programmes spanning 5 years and 10 years under the Dubai Golden Visa plan. In order to qualify, you must be willing to invest a minimum amount of AED 5 million in a property in the UAE for the 5-year program and AED 10 million for the 10-year program.

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2. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom offers wealthy investors a Tier-1 Investor visa. This involves investing a minimum amount of £2000,000 (₹16 crores) which must be held in a regulated financial institution. If the investor meets the rest of the eligibility criteria then they can apply for British citizenship in the next few years. The fee involved remains the same whether you’re applying for a family member, switching visas or extending visas.

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3. Singapore

In order to get a Golden Visa in Singapore, you must be willing to invest at least SGD 2.5 million in your new or existing business, in an approved fund or in a single-family office in the nation. You must also provide your company’s audited financial accounts or previous business experience if you’re setting up a new company. In the program offered by Singapore, you can get permanent residency after two years and also apply for citizenship.

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4. Switzerland

If the mountains of Switzerland are calling you to settle down, here’s how you can.  Unlike other countries that want you to invest in property, funds, or businesses to get a Golden Visa, Switzerland requires you to not do any such thing. Instead, to qualify for the Golden Visa program, you must show proof that you pay annual taxes between CHF 150,000 and CHF 1 million. While you can get a Golden Visa like this, for citizenship, you must stay in Switzerland for at least 10 years.

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5. Canada

Canada offers an array of investment programmes, but to qualify for most of these must stay in the nation for at least 183 days. The most popular, Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP), requires you to make a bond contribution of at least CAD 1.2 million. After this, you can apply for citizenship post three years time. This is a path to permanent residency for wealthy individuals through the route of massive investment.

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6. Spain

Spain offers people the chance to apply for a Golden Visa if they’re ready to invest at least €500000( ₹4 crores) in real estate. The residency-by-investment programme is all about investing in Spain to become a permanent resident after five years. And if you continue to live in Spain, you can also get citizenship after 10 years. While you can get a Golden Visa through real estate investment, you must continue to renew your permit every two years until you become a permanent resident.

So, folks, these are some of the countries that offer you Golden Visas to make your dreams come true.