Lara Dutta Went On A 6-Day Walking Trip In Spain Covering 120 Km On Foot

by Sanjana Shenoy
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The gorgeous Lara Dutta who has contributed 18 years to cinema, flagbearer for a lot of social causes, the winner of the Miss Universe 2000 pageant, gorged on her favourite meal, biryani with our Chief Editor, Kamiya Jani. Over plates of delicious kebabs and biryani, Lara Dutta revealed she spent her 40th birthday with an all-girls trip to Spain. And it wasn’t an ordinary holiday, it was filled with adventure and excitement. Read on to know more.

Lara Dutta Celebrated 40th Birthday With All-Girls Trip To Spain

Lara Dutta is an avid traveller. She revealed to Curly Tales that there are a lot of things on her bucket list that she wants to fulfil. The talented actress went solo travelling to Angkor Vat in Cambodia. For her 40th birthday, Lara Dutta went on an all-girls trip to Spain. She went on a walking trip from Vigo to Santiago de Compostela. This was a 6-day walking trip, where the women covered 120 km on foot. Lara Dutta revealed it was one of the most incredible trips she has done.

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She Walked For 6 Days, Covering 120 Km On Foot

The actress started her walking trip from Portugal and walked along the Portgual coastal route, right up to Santiago de Compostela. Eight of her girlfriends joined her for this trip, without their husbands or children. Calling it a “trip of a lifetime”, she believes women should go on solo trips. The actress admits to taking a lot of time after being a mom, to take some time out for travelling by herself. She left her daughter, Saira alone with her husband, Mahesh Bhupati for the first time to go on this walking tour to Spain with her girlfriends. But she believes it was a great bonding exercise for her daughter and husband.

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Lara Dutta Urges Every Woman To Go Travelling With Girlfriends

To all travel enthusiast women, Lara Dutta stresses the importance of taking some time out for oneself. She urges women to set their fears aside, keep the kids with their husbands and families, and go on solo trips or with girlfriends. From her experience, Lara Dutta says she had an amazing time in Portugal. She devoured delicious food and even jokingly spoke about looking at handsome men. She had a liberating me-time. And she encourages every woman to travel and spend quality time with oneself. Meanwhile, check out the entire video of Lara Dutta’s interview with Curly Tales. 

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